Vietnam Veteran’s Testimonial

by | Sep 22, 2010 | D V A, E F T, Occupational Therapy, Testimonials

“I am a Vietnam Veteran and have been treated by Jenny Johnston using the EFT method.

Before using EFT, my problems consisted of severe insomnia, nightly nightmares, intrusive thoughts, mood swings, anger and addiction to pain killers.

After 4 visits to Jenny, I am rapt to be able to say that my sleeping has improved so much that I am now getting a good 8 hours sleep every night and fall asleep easily. My nightmares have turned to dreams and my need for panadeine forte has dropped from 8 a day to the occasional one a day.

To anyone looking for improvement in their general lifestyle and relief from ongoing problems, I can only say to give EFT a go.You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Good luck.

P. C. Frankston”

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