Skype video call with Dawson Church PhD, Jenny Johnston and Russell Cunningham.

by | Jul 29, 2010 | D V A, E F T

Hi all,

Russell Cunningham, EFT Trainer and I were privileged to speak with Dawson Church PhD via video skype for an hour yesterday.

Much was discussed, including our recent contact with the Dart Centre (an organization who supports those in the media who are traumatized by what they report on), his impending visit to Australia (yet to be finalized) and about the EFT Universe Training that is about to be unfolded worldwide and brought by him to Australia next year.

The new training will be released and finalized in Oct at the EFT Masters Conference (Ann Adams and a group of Masters are completing it now) and it will be worked out as to how practicing EFT Practitioners and existing trainers are ‘tested out’ of some of the required training. Dawson will be publishing these new EFT Level 1, 2 and 3 Training Manuals soon on the EFT Universe website. Dawson will be doing a Trainer’s Training Level while in Australia also, for those who wish to be recognized as EFT Universe Certified EFT Trainers and registered on the EFT Universe website. He will also release information about those who are already Cert 1 and Cert 2 and EFT Trainers under Gary’s existing qualifications, when this is finalized.

Dawson will be visiting Australia either just before his visit to New Zealand, or just after and he should find out his New Zealand dates (currently around March) from those who want him there within a month.

He is aware of Extrav dates, March 4-7 and proposes that he can only come here when NZ dates are confirmed.

It’s most likely that he will only teach Level 1 (2 days), Level 2 (2 days) and Level 3 (2 days) and then Trainer’s Level all in one location, maybe Sydney (but not yet determined- will depend on where the highest demand is calling him to).

Level one (we understand) now includes lots of paired tapping practice and includes more scientific and research background knowledge and is 2 days instead of one.

Dawson was also happy to speak to Professor Mark Creamer, Director of the Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health (ACPMH), or anyone else who would relate to research expertise, if we are able to arrange this when he is here.

Russell and I were excited and satisfied that Dawson’s visit to Australia will only enhance our EFT Profession and training here in Australia and in no way take away from EFT Extravaganza, but only increase our enthusiasm to experience more and learn more.  

I don’t know about you but I’m really excited about early next year! Dawson and Extav!

(Recent news – Russell and I have been asked to do a half hour EFT Presentation to the Partners of Vietnam Veterans at their meeting in Sept at Frankston RSL and it is promising that we will also present at the State Meeting of the Vietnam Veterans Association in Nov and to the Welfare and Pensions Officers at Noble Park RSL in the near future).


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