Letter sent to the diary secretary of Alan Griffin, MP, Minister of Veterans Affairs.

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To Mathew Hilakari,

My name is Jenny Johnston and I am an Occupational Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Specialist.

I am writing to request an appointment with The Hon Alan Griffin MP at his Electoral Office in Victoria, together with two of my colleagues – Russell Cunningham, Director of the Australian Institute of Self Development (EFT Trainer) and John Meehan, Senior Welfare and Pensions Officer at Noble Park RSL.

Russell and I were recently granted an hour’s appointment with federal MP Bruce Billson, who as a former Veteran Affairs Minister continues to take a compassionate interest in veterans. Bruce said he was very impressed with what we presented and we believe that Alan will be too.

We would like to talk to Alan about the amazing and consistent results being achieved for returned servicemen and women, using EFT to relieve them of many of the symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Significant research on the subject was recently presented to The US Congress. Psychologist, David Feinstein, PhD, and Dawson Church, PhD tabled findings about the rapid and sustained effects of Energy Psychology – in particular EFT – for veterans suffering from PTSD. The research showed how superior such approaches are in comparison with conventional methods. Further details are here: http://eftevents.com/documents/EFTCongressionalVisit.pdf

We would like to present testimonials from Australian Vietnam Veterans who have experienced profound and lasting peace of mind since having EFT treatment. One from John Meehan is available here

At the meeting we would also like to show Alan some clips from a newly-released DVD, “Operation Emotional Freedom – The Answer” and provide him with a complimentary copy of the documentary. Excerpts of the film can be viewed at:


In addition we’d like to provide some of the research results from the Iraq Stress Project: http://www.stressproject.org/research.html

The current situation

The following US statistics may well reflect the situation in Australia. Many Australian Vietnam Veterans are on TPI (Total Permanently Incapacitated) pensions for PTSD

  • There are more returned soldiers who suicide, than are killed in war duty.


  • 30% of returned soldiers develop mental health problems within 3 months of returning home


  • Over the next 3 years $6.3 Billion will be spent treating PTSD in the US for veteran service men and women.


  • In the US in 1974, after Vietnam, 43% of inmates of San Quentin Prison were Vietnam Veterans.


  • Many Vietnam Veterans, 40 years later, still have symptoms of PTSD such as hyper-vigilance, hyper-arousal, insomnia, anger, rage, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide attempts, family abuse, isolation, paranoia, medicated by psychiatrists and still seeing counsellors and psychologists.


In spite of their medication and treatment, many veterans still suffer with considerable and disabling PTSD symptoms

The predictable future

  • Young men and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are likely to have the same future as Vietnam Veterans if something is not changed in the way that PTSD is treated.


  • These men and women could be expected similarly to suffer for many years. It is predicted that most will become highly medicated, many will have broken marriages, develop drug or alcohol problems and face the possibility of imprisonment. They are likely to suffer from paranoia, insomnia, intrusive war memories, anger, rage and hyper-vigilance, potentially leading to suicide.


  • Considerable costs are incurred in treating the symptoms of PTSD and its various consequences without addressing the causes or dissolving the symptoms.


The alternative

  • By introducing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) as a primary technique to treat PTSD in war veterans, the problems can be rapidly and safely addressed, usually with outstanding results – based on research to date.


  • EFT could easily be taught to soldiers before they are deployed, so that they can use it quickly as soon as they experience a traumatic event – or alternatively be treated by a professional who has learned how to administer EFT. By using EFT to reduce stress in the field our soldiers will be able to think more clearly, improving performance, reducing the risk of poor decision making and potentially reducing casualties.


  • This effective technique can easily be taught to counselling professionals and service personnel alike for utilization on the spot or during debriefing.


  • Returning men and women able to live full, healthy lives as contributing members of their families and the community without the ongoing debilitating effects of PTSD.


An enormous amount of time, money and therapy is currently involved with PTSD. Research is showing that EFT is more effective than the present treatments, with quicker results, that are longer lasting and often permanent. http://www.stressproject.org/documents/ptsdfinal1.pdf

We consider that Alan Griffin is a progressive and innovative MP who is “Moving Forward”. What better way to move forward than to be up-to-date with the latest, most innovative and successful treatment available. We would like to meet with him to promote awareness of EFT to make it available to the veterans who need it most.

I look forward to hearing from you about a suitable time to meet with Alan. 


Jenny Johnston


0405 147 265

(03)9789 1365

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