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Jenny Johnston EFT Books and Videos

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Introduction to EFT

Short cut basic recipe (7 mins)

Full recipe with 9 gamut

Quantum EFT

Killed for standing up for the truth (12 mins)

Overwhelm (17 mins)

EFT for Cravings

Pineapple lumps (12 mins)

Chocolate (12 mins)

EFT for Physical Issues

Frozen shoulder (15 mins)

Neck pain and stiffness (12 mins)

EFT Using Gentle Techniques

Tearless trauma (7 mins)

Tearless trauma (21 mins)

EFT Using The Movie Technique

Driving panic attack (16 mins)

Silent movie – priest’s sermon (31 mins)

EFT for Grief & Loss/PTSD

Loss of parents (22 mins)

Vietnam Vetran (4 mins)


Prawn allergy gone (3 mins)

Quantum EFT (3 mins)

Fears & Phobias

Fear of spiders (10 mins)

Fear of heights (9 mins)