Testimonial from Kane about EFT for his anxiety.

by | Sep 22, 2010 | E F T, Testimonials

Hi Jenny,

I sent this email to my folks..we all battle with anxiety, anger, guilt etc…

“Mum, Dad,

I’d like to share with you about this technique I tried, called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Jenny Johnston is an EFT Practitioner who I had a quick session with and I’m shocked at how effective it is. And I would have never listened to anyone about such a thing if it wasn’t for getting to know Jenny throughout my Landmark Program. Given that we all suffer in our own ways from some or all of the following: anxiety, anger, depression, worry, panic and stress. I think it’s worth checking out EFT as it deals with that stuff very well and without drugs. It works on the premise that through life things have happened to us… in those moments of difficulty we coped with the situation in different ways…and unfortunately our bodies hold those fears and emotions to this day. They are easily activated and now seem unwarranted in comparison to what is actually happening in life.

I had one short session with Jenny and couldn’t believe how I could feel the stress leaving my body!!! As we did it. All she did was got me to tap on various places on my face and chest while focusing on the feelings or past events. Generally she treats people that have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder… people from abusive households and often soldiers from wars who are so messed up from what they experienced… But it can relate to any emotional issue and any situation that may have triggered it. I know that I hold a lot of past events/emotions in my body relating to fear of physical abuse from stuff in my teens and guilt from doing silly stuff as a kid.

EFT is not mainstream yet, but it’s on its way and Jenny is doing all she can to provide it to everyone!

As I said below, I just did a 10/15 min session on myself and the stress I carried all day decreased by over half and I don’t really know what I’ doing yet, but it works!

Just Google EFT or go to www.eftuniverse.com or www.jennyjohnston.com.au and you will find heaps of info.

Love Kane.”

“Hi Jenny,

Today I have had a very tight chest. I went to yoga which helps in some way. I certainly get present to the stress and anxiety I hold in my body while at yoga. However, tonight I have been experiencing a huge amount of stress in my chest despite having a great day and the fact that my life is going really great at the moment!

I just did 10-15 minutes of EFT as best as I could and I feel a large % of that stress leave my body. It really is amazing and I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t met you.Thank you…I know I still have a lot of stuff to let go of but it gives me hope that I can do it… and maybe without prescription drugs etc…


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