Dawson Church tells of his experience of his Quantum EFT session.

Listen to what Dawson experienced in his Quantum EFT session. He was quite surprised at what he accessed and received and how easy and profound it was.

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She tapped on her chocolate cravings while watching someone else tap on theirs and borrowed the benefits!

Watch how she tells of how her cravings for chocolate and sweet things disappeared while she tapped watching someone else tap on their chocoate cravings for ‘Pineapple Lumps’.

She came to Melbourne all the way from Singapore to learn EFT.

She has trained with Carol Look but was drawn to come to Melbourne to train with me and EFT Universe.

Here’s what she said when she had finished a 4 day intensive EFT Universe Workshop –

“Jenny Johnston was brilliant, an excellent Trainer and Facilitator. It was worth spending thousands of dollars and coming all the way from Singapore. Thank you Jenny, I am truly grateful”.

Quantum EFT for the Soul – last 2013 Workshop. Melbourne Nov 30/Dec 1.

“This was such a wide exposure to many fascinating things. The chanellings were really interesting. It was surprising what really resonated with me. Working with EFT through time, space and place opened up so many possibilities for healing – awesome! ‘Ask and Receive’ with muscle testing really grabbed me and I will explore this further for use with EFT. Jenny, you created a safe place to explore things that have, until now, been way too ‘out there’ to contemplate and made it ok to be exactly where I am with it all. Thank you.” Rosemary.

“Jenny Johnston is an excellent trainer. She allows you to travel at your own pace and helps guide your learning gently and respectfully. She is intuitive and inciteful of your journey, always there to assist and nudge your understanding. Thank you so much Jenny for being my guide on this journey of self discovery of my soul”. Trish Butt. Bowen Therapist.

“Jenny offers a gentle, accepting and nurturing introduction to the possibilities of using EFT to resolve issues at a spiritual level.” Saraswati. Psychologist.

“Lots of insights gained in Jenny’s Quantum EFT Workshop. The blending of EFT with Past Life Regression and the teachings of Kryon hrelped provide information about life purpose and how to get there”. Carol Hood. Psychology student and Bowen Therapist.

Last Quantum EFT for the Soul workshop is in Melbourne on Nov 30/ Dec 1.

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