EFT Universe Training/Workshops coming to Sydney in September

by | Aug 5, 2012 | E F T, EFT Training/ Workshops, Testimonials

Jenny Johnston will be training EFT Universe Levels 1 & 2 in Sydney in September at The Centre, Randwick. See here for exact dates – EFT Training Dates. You can choose from doing both levels together over 4 days or over 2 weekends.

Sarah from Melbourne writes  after completing EFT L1 – “This workshop has been a brilliant experience. I knew very little about EFT and had no expectations of what I might learn or experience. I have received years of counselling using cognitive behavioural therapy and am currently on anti-depressants. I am hopeful now that EFT is the tool to get me off medication and never-ending counselling.The future looks brighter and I feel empowered to make real and lasting shifts”.

Shannon from Melbourne writes after her EFT L2 Course – “An empowering, liberating and deeply informative course. Jenny you are a gifted teacher. I’m blessed to have found you for this transformational period of my life. May you receive the many blessings in return that you give. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart”.

Lee, Reflexologist from Melbourne writes after completing EFT L1 – “Jenny is a wonderful teacher, presenter and healer and has opened my eyes to the amazing possibilites that the EFT process can open up for you through shifting old patterns and beliefs. I’ve done numerous workshops on similar themes but none have been so effective. I look forward to using EFT on both myself and also my clients”.

Listen to what this EFT student says after completing Level1 & 2 Training with Jenny in Melbourne in July.

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