Vietnam Veteran dissolves many PTSD symptoms after 40 years.

by | Jul 20, 2009 | Case Studies, D V A, E F T, Occupational Therapy

I am currently treating a Vietnam Veteran who came to me testing with scores revealing severe insomnia and emotions such as feeling hopeless about the future, getting into frequent arguments, having regular nightmares, feeling guilty for having lived etc. He had scores of 10/10 for anger, guilt, resentment, poor self esteem, poor confidence, poor decision making, poor organization skills and lack of responsibility. His original PTSD form (US military-PCL-M) score was 68 and after 2 sessions is now at a low 31. His original Insomnia Severity Index (ISI) score was 21 and is now 11. His SA-45 score was 168 and is now 71. He now scores his anger, guilt, resentment, retaliation etc at 0-2/10 and the same for poor organization/decision making and lack of responsibility. He describes the one strong war memory as now being vague and rarely thought about, in fact he has difficulty recalling it, especially the feelings it used to evoke. He had these feelings for 40 years and had received treatment from psychologists, psychiatrists etc for years.

He now feels finally free from the intrusive memories and feelings from the war and they no longer affect his life. He is so happy and relating well to all of his family now and is getting married in a week! He wonders why EFT isn’t provided by the Dept of Veterans Affairs in their PTSD Programs.

If you want freedom from your intrusive memories and the feelings/emotions they bring up, or know of someone who would benefit from EFT, then contact Jenny (see contact page).

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