National PTSD Awareness Day in Canberra

by | Nov 3, 2009 | D V A, E F T

On Sat Oct 10th I went to Canberra to take part in National PTSD Awareness Day. I was invited by the organizers from “Picking Up The Peaces”, Kate Tonacia and Laurie Drake to set up a stall and offer information about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and to treat those who requested it. It was an amazing day thanks to the well organized event.

I was able to speak to and give out EFT information packs to Kate and Laurie, Normie Rowe, Trisha Broadbridge, Alan Griffin (Minister for Veterans Affairs) and Len Lambeth ( former Director of the Directorate of Mental Health in the ADF). It was great to have some wonderful conversations with PTSD sufferers from the Police, Defence Force, Emergency Services and Veterans and I treated several people while I was there over 4 days.

I also spoke at the Vietnam Veteran’s Federation in Canberra at their weekly BBQ and treated 3 people there.

I was welcomed by both the “Picking Up The Peaces” Organization and the Vietnam Veteran’s Federation and left EFT Information packs with both organizations. I look forward to working with them both in the future to promote both early detection of PTSD and early treatment, especially with the highly effective results proven time after time with the use of EFT. To treat PTSD effectively, at least 6 EFT sessions are required and I continue to treat some of those who I began treating in Canberra, by phone or Skype Video Call.

I am very grateful to Danny Burton (President of the Vietnam Veteran’s federation) and Wendy Gathercole for driving me around Canberra and allowing me to stay with them over the 4 days I was there. EFT is just as effective even for long term symptoms of PTSD such as those experienced by Vietnam Veterans and is rapid and long lasting in it’s results. Both Danny and Wendy have now experienced the amazing effects of EFT as have Kate (Picking Up The Peaces) and her husband, David. Anyone who would like to experience EFT can contact me via my contact page. Jenny.

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