EFT Extravaganza in Coff’s Harbour Nov 2009

by | Nov 22, 2009 | E F T

The EFT Extravaganza in Coff’s Harbour in early November was amazing. Connecting with other EFT Practitioners from around the country and NZ and learning from EFT Masters such as Rehana Webster from WA, Maggie Adkins, formerly from SA, (now in Port Douglas), David Rourke from Canada and Karl Dawson from the UK was wonderful. The special guest speaker at the Sunday night dinner, Mick Hawes from Tassie, gave an inspiring talk about the 4 Natural Laws and the next day on ‘7 Biggest Mistakes Small Business Make”. David’s presentation on “Healing Addiction with EFT”, gave us a day an a half of a great framework and structure in which to use EFT and the processes to use within the stages of addiction. He was entertaining, knowledgable and informative and gave us all a great base to work from and a wonderful demonstration of his method. Rehana’s subject was “Embracing The Shadow Parts”, and she also gave us an amazing demonstration as to how affective this treatment, using EFT for our ‘parts’ is. Maggie gave us an intimate insight as to what had been recently happening in her life as we shared her “Rediscovering the Sacred”, using EFT and another insightful demonstration. Karl’s 2 days of “Matrix Reimprinting” with his demonstrations and time for us to practice on each other was the highlight for me and I know, many others. It really does make the statement ‘It’s never too late to have a happy childhood’ come to life and into reality. I have practiced EFT on clients for many years but had had very little been ‘practiced on’ by other therapists. This was insightful for me to experience. I also now, tend to do more tapping on the client for deeper work, like Matrix Re-imprinting, where, in the past, I had had my clients copy me and tap on themselves. The latter I still do but incorporate both into sessions, according to the depth of trauma/overwhelm that occurs. The client becomes very relaxed quicker when being tapped on by the therapist and is able to remain focused on their emotion/scene more easily. I really enjoyed the relaxing sensation of being in my memory with eyes closed and being gently tapped on by the EFT therapist. I was given the opportunity to speak to everyone at the conference and approx 25 of us will be working together now (as a result of that talk) to work with EFT for those with PTSD, especially war veterans. I will connect us all via a googlegroup, so that we will all know who is doing what where and how they are doing it and with what forms etc. I will distribute the testing forms that I use from Dawson Church’s “Iraq Stress Project” study and we can gather testimonials and study results with the intention of getting EFT into Government PTSD Programs.

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