My Dec. ’10 experience at EFT Universe Trainer’s Training and Level 3 in America.

by | Jan 7, 2011 | E F T

Have you ever felt like you were right where you were meant to be? That’s how I felt on the first morning of EFT Universe Trainer’s Training in a convent in Santa Rosa. Dawson Church welcomed 24 of us (to be Trained) from all over the world – from America, Canada, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, UK and myself, from down under! Tam Lewellyn-Edwards (EFT Master and former head of AAMET) was an evaluator along with Gary Groesback and Nancy Gnecco (AAMET Trainer of Trainers for many, many years and chief evaluator for EFT Universe Grandfathering) and Dawson Church PhD. We began our 3 days together with a circle, all holding hands and after a brief meditation began by introducing ourselves, our EFT history, why we were there and our highest intention for EFT. All felt and expressed a feeling of strong intuition that they were meant to be there and over the course of the next 3 days (some had been there the previous day or 2 like me and some, like me, were staying a further 4 days for Level 3 in San Francisco) some very close friendships were formed. Many felt very connected and it was like a soul group had been brought together. It seemed that those 3 days were filled with many, many hugs (it was the biggest hug-a-thon ever!). We started each of the following days with a meditation, led by Donna Bach and we had presentations from Nancy, Dawson, Alison (from Austria), Tam and had group discussions about where EFT was headed, not only in America, and were put into 3 groups in which we presented the modules of training that had been assigned to us. I was in Dawson’s group and had the priviledge of being with some amazing people in my group such as Anita Bains (who with Tracey Middleton is working on the Walter Reed Research Project – Tracey was in another group), Alina Frank from Seattle who has been an EFT Trainer for 8 years and has her own EFT Radio show (she specialises in relationships and intimacy), and Carol Odsess, who is a psychologist who trains other psychologists in EFT. I was presenting last on the last day and the other 2 groups had finished, so an extra 6 people came in to hear my presentation on ‘trauma’ including Tracey. Lucky me!!! Everyone was great and we all gave both verbal and written feedback after each presentation. I was pleasantly surprised at my feedback. We all slept in dormitories with communal bathroom/showers and ate together and spent many hours in the main room at night talking, sharing EFT Training notes and stories and sampling the local wine which was plentiful. I connected closely with Alina Frank and the first night we practised our presentations together and the second night I gave her a private Matrix session as she had never experienced Matrix and she was really blown away – a whole new ballgame to what she has experienced with EFT before. I also strongly connected with Claudia Schecter (German, living in Canada) as she had lived in Bali for 12 years and recognised my Australian accent as soon as I spoke and we spent that first evening before Training began chatting as if no-one else was there. We both felt like we had known each other for ever and definitely plan to run workshops together in the future. She also got to experience a private Matrix session with me (in San Francisco) and was blown away by it. Dawson and his girlfriend, also received a private Matrix Session from me (in San Francisco) and were profoundly affected. After Trainer’s Training and lots of crying from me as some of my new friends departed, Dawson took Alina, Claudia, Nancy (Toronto), myself and 3 from Belgium to the local wineries and the Redwood Forest for a day trip. Wow, what a day to remember and then getting back to the convent to drink some more of our purchases! The next day we were taken (Claudia, Alina and myself) out to breakfast by the wonderful Nick, (assistant to Lisa) and then to Bodega Bay. After lunch we (Claudia, Alina and I) headed to San Francisco with Lisa (the amazing EFT U Training Co-ordinator) and Nancy Gnecco. Arriving at the beautiful Hotel in time for drinks and dinner. Then 2 amazing days of Level 3 with Dawson and David Feinstein being part of the students and also giving part of the training as did Claudia, Alina, Gary and Carol. I was an emotional assistant as was Claudia. I also got to work with David as we broke up to do the practical exercises and what a priviledge that was! The last night was party time with Lisa, Claudia and Alina and Frank (from LA). Happy hour was from 5.30 to 7.30 with free drinks! And then we went up to Alina’s room and did a Money Matrix exercise with Claudia and Frank and led by Alina, followed by lots of laughing and finishing off our wine purchases in my room with Lisa, Alina and Claudia. The last morning, was Dawson and Christine at breaky, a private Matrix session for Dawson, then he drove me to San Francisco where I was met by Brendan from Trainer’s Training who lives there. He put me on a cable car, where I travelled to the “Ferry Building” and looked at the shops, then I caught another cable car to Fisherman’s Wharf and then Brendan picked me up and we met Frank for lunch. Frank then took over and took me to Lombard St, Little Italy and China Town and then put me on a shuttle bus to the airport. I had an amazing time and I’m so excited about the future of EFT! Jenny

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