Matrix Re-Imprinting in Australia comes to Frankston.

by | Jan 9, 2011 | Clinical Hypnotherapy, E F T

So happy to be assisting Caroline Paulzen, Matrix Re-Imprinting Trainer and sister of Karl Dawson (originator of Matrix Re-Imprinting), this weekend in my home town of Frankston. Great to see her spreading her wings and having some amazing people on the course (2 from Brisbane).
When I was first introduced to Matrix in 2009 by Karl, I was like a duck to water. Being a hypnotherapist, this technique was very similar to what I had already been doing, however, structured and presented for the client and new EFT Practitioner to understand and use more easliy. I felt like I was Cinderella who was handed the glass slipper! It was a perfect fit for me. I have used it very successfully ever since, combining my own flavour and knowledge of Faster EFT, NLP and all of the multitudes of EFT Workshops and Trainings I have attended over the years. I also bring in the spiritual elements, multidimensionality, magnetics and DNA/cellular imprinting, (when appropriate for the clients belief system) and always, always Future Pace the client before returning them to the present . Matrix Re-Imprinting takes EFT to a whole new profound level. My clients love it, as did many I gave private Matrix sessions to recently in America, including Dawson Church PhD from EFT Universe (

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