EFT Radio – Expanding EFT for Soul Level learning.

Jenny is interviewed here on EFT Radio Online with Annabel Fisher, speaking about Quantum EFT for the Soul and how to expand EFT and create your own brand.

Want freedom around sweet food issues?

Tap along to this EFT Universe Level 1 Workshop demonstration.

Visualise and imagine what you want to dissolve around food issues as you tap and see what borrowed benefits you will receive to have freedom around food.

Tap along to this EFT session about chronic back/neck pain and see it improve in minutes.

EFT for trauma – “I found out I was the product of a one night stand at 13”

We approach this traumatic memory at age 13, using the EFT Gentle Techniques, Quantum EFT and Colour Mirrors to process and dissolve the memories trapped in her cells, leaving her with feelings of peace for the first time in years.

The next Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash Workshop is Nov 30/Dec 1 in Seaford, Melbourne, Australia. Register through the ‘Register for Workshops’ page on this website.

EFT for fear and shock using the Movie Technique.

She didn’t know if she would find her father dead or alive. Watch how we take the emotional trauma and distress out of this experience.