Testimonial from Vietnam Veteran after 2 EFT Sessions

by | Feb 11, 2010 | D V A, E F T, Testimonials

“Hi- I am a Vietnam vet- conscripted in 1970. 

I have suffered depression, mood swings, guilt, anxiety and a feeling of being lost for most of the time since I left the army in 1971.

The worst memory I have is of a drunken idiot pointing his gun at me after he had cocked it. He was actually trying to shoot the guy I was talking to, but had the gun in my face half the time. I really thought that my time had come. I said goodbye to my family in my mind, and just waited to die.

One of my mates flew through the air and flattened him, and ejected the round. For all this time I could not talk about that. 

I had two sessions with Jenny Johnston via Skype and a video camera.

The first session was really dramatic. It brought all my negative emotions out.

I was so angry I could hardly speak.

I realised just how angry I was about being conscripted and getting no support from the government 30 odd years later when I needed help- it took me nearly 4 years to get TPI.

I was in tears for most of the first session, and did not feel any better for weeks.

However, the next time I spoke with Jenny, about 4 weeks later, I found that I could talk about

this event and other experiences I had in Vietnam, without any bad emotions. 

The therapy made me realise on an emotional level, rather than a logical level, that we all really had no choice in the matter.

We can’t get back at the government for conscripting us.

We did our job, and hopefully got through the year.

Bad things happen in war zones and I know a lot of guys would have had much worse experiences than I did.

I find I am more relaxed now, and much less prone to “losing it”

I wish you all well, and highly recommend contacting Jenny.

I am sure you will be glad you did. 

Best regards

Bill Hood

hoodw1@bigpond.com ”

Note from Jenny- Bill organized a referral from his GP and his EFT sessions were charged to DVA. He completed the SA-45, the US Military PTSD form and the Insomnia Severity Index form before his EFT sessions. When we began the 3rd session, I went through all the questions on the forms which he had scored high, as issues that severly affected his life. Every one of these were so insignificant that we couldn’t find anything more to work on. Bill has since begun to get back into his music and is now playing guitar again and has even begun teaching guitar. He is finally at peace and able to participate fully in life and look with excitement into the future. I am so pleased to have been able to help him achieve this and look forward to helping others. Jenny Johnston.

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