Speaking about EFT at the Veteran’s Forum at Box Hill RSL

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Senator Michael Ronaldson, Shadow Minister of Veterans Affairs, began by speaking for a while and then opened the microphone to the people attending to ask questions. Many questions were posed by Vietnam Vets and pension officers about various issues and then finally, the Box Hill RSL President asked a question about mental health. YES, that was the cue I’d been waiting for! I signalled for the microphone and after Senator Michael had replied to the question, saying that something new and innovative was definitely needed (amongst other things), I asked if I could come to the front of the room to speak. (I wanted to speak to all in the room and see their faces).

I introduced myself as an Occupational Therapist who has worked with Veterans and war widows for many years but who was now seeing these same clients using EFT for their mental health issues such as anxiety and PTSD. I said that EFT was an INNOVATIVE, NEW technique that worked and that the research that had been done was excellent and that when Dawson took it to Congress, they were so impressed that they funded their own 5 year research program at Walter Reed University and it’s in its 2ndyear.

I spoke about the recent SBS Insight Program, Shell Shocked, and the psychiatrist who talked about being able to cure PTSD if he could cure the memory. I talked about how EFT takes the pain, hurt and physical feelings from what they saw, heard, smelled, felt out of their bodies, so that the memory only remained and they were left with peace of mind. I talked about how much $ the Govt would save on medication, psychologists, psychiatrist visits etc. if these people had access to EFT and DVA staff were taught EFT. I said that I would like nothing better than to be able to train DVA staff who are already dealing with clients, the techniques used in EFT.

I asked the group, who knew John Meehan and many laughed and said everyone knows John Meehan! So I spoke about how John stands beside me and with me wanting to get EFT into Veterans Affairs as he now has peace of mind after having EFT sessions himself. I also spoke about EFTAP and that we were serious about getting EFT to those suffering from stress and PTSD and that’s one of the reasons why we had formed an association.

I turned to Michael and looked him in the eye and said that I am asking you Michael for 2 hours of your time to really look at this because it works.

He promised that he would. I gave him copies of the EFT Manual (and told him the first chapter explains the science behind EFT), EFT for PTSD, a DVD of both of John Meehan’s Testimonials, a DVD of the 20 min video of EFT for Trauma in War Veterans and the DVD Documentary – Operation Emotional Freedom – the Answer. I also provided links to www.eftuniverse.com and www.stressproject.orgfor further research on EFT.

Speaking to him afterwards over a cuppa, he said that he would speak to Bruce Billson in Canberra shortly about it all and be in touch with Bruce’s office about a meeting. (I will follow up with a phone call to Bruce’s office tomorrow).

Bernadette, Josie, Karen and I got to speak to many during ‘tea time’ about EFT and none of them had heard of EFT but were very interested, including senior welfare and pensions officers. The Welfare Officer of Box Hill RSL was also given DVD’s and EFT for PTSD book and my card and she, in particular was really interested in EFT and was even talking about training with me in February. Having several EFTAP members there was so good because we were representing a group of professionals and we all got to speak to different people and spread the word and get personal with people’s stories.

I really feel that this was a group effort and without the intention of the group to really get EFT out there and to be on the lookout for events like this, it wouldn’t have happened.

It is an achievement for EFTAP and shows that as a group energy, we have power and momentum and I for one, am very excited, thrilled and honoured to part of this group.

Jenny Johnston


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