Mental Health Nurses amongst those learning EFT in Newcastle, March 23-26.

by | Mar 18, 2013 | E F T, EFT Training/ Workshops

I am really looking forward to my first visit to Newcastle in a few days where I will be teaching an intensive EFT Level 1 & 2 workshop over 4 days at Warners Bay Private Hospital. Many of the Mental Health Nurses, staff members and others from the surrounding districts in NSW and Sydney will be there to learn EFT for themselves and their clients. It’s inspiring to see that staff from this hospital were so passionate about learning EFT that they created a workshop for me to teach at. Some of the staff are being paid their wage while they learn EFT. It will be a better world for all mental health patients admitted to hospitals who employ staff who are proficient in EFT.  If you would like me to teach EFT at your place of employment, then email me and let’s create it! For existing EFT Training dates and places, click here.


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