Email to Oprah Re her upcoming show about War Veterans with PTSD.

by | Sep 7, 2009 | D V A, E F T

My name is Jenny Johnston and I am an EFT Specialist. My passion is working with War Veterans with PTSD.

I have treated mostly Vietnam Veterans who had been through many years of Government PTSD Programs which taught them to try to ‘manage’ their symptoms, rather than address and dissolve them. I have treated men who have seen psychiatrists and psychologists for years and in one or two EFT Sessions have been able to speak about horrific intrusive war memories (that had previously had severe emotional and physical trauma associated with them), with little emotional charge at all. They have been able to finally speak about war time events without feeling anger, guilt and sadness etc. This then effects every part of their life. They sleep better, they feel they ‘deserve’ to be happy and they live a totally transformed and peaceful life. One man felt completely hopeless about the future before his EFT sessions and after only 2 sessions he felt so great about his future, that he got married! It is the Veterans themselves, who after receiving EFT, ask me why they didn’t have access to this 40 years ago. I hope our Iraq, Afganistan and other Veterans don’t have to wait that long. Especially since the world is becoming smaller by people like Oprah and these amazing energy techniques cannot be ignored by the Government Bodies once she brings them to light.

It is my passion to allow the world to become aware of this incredible energy technique so that our veterans and their familiies can live successful, fulfilling, peaceful lives, post war. They deserve it.

One Veteran, John Meehan,would be willing to come to be in Oprah’s Audience with me or be on the show also as he wants all Veterans to be able to receive the rapid peace he now has after receiving a few sessions of EFT. He is a Senior Welfare Officer for Veterans Affairs and is continually telling other Veterans about EFT and how it has changed his life. He has also been speaking to The Minister of Veterans Affairs, hoping that EFT is looked at much more seriously by the Government.

I have also been in contact with Dawson Church PHD, in America, and I  am using the American Miliitary PTSD forms from The Iraq Stress Project, (  ) to evaluate veterans PTSD scores before and after EFT treatment to record the effective results. I have written several emails to The Australian Minister of Veterans Affairs about the effectiveness of EFT for Veterans with PTSD, hoping that the Government will take a serious look at it as the results cannot be ignored.

The EFT for War Veterans Video Clip, see ( ), shows how effective EFT is. I am continually surprised at just how rapidly and thoroghly EFT works and I am priviledged to be able to help Vets to put their PTSD in the past and to bed, for good.


To speak to Gary Craig, the Founder of EFT, please email him at –

To speak to Dawson Church, the Director of The Iraq Stress Project, please email him at –

Looking forward to helping veterans transform their lives,


Jenny Johnston.

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