EFT Workshops are coming to Sydney August 31- Sept 3 & Quantum EFT Sept 7 & 8.

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If you want to experience a live EFT Workshop, where you get to learn all the science behind why EFT works as well as see demonstraions, be taught different techniques and get to practice on others and clear some of your own issues at the same time, then you need to be in Sydney soon!

Jenny Johnston is a leading EFT Practitioner and Trainer and is the only EFT Universe Trainer in the Southern Hemisphere. She teaches EFT once a year in Sydney. EFT Level 1 is on August 31 and Sept 1, followed by EFT Level 2 on Sept 2 and 3. Then Quantum EFT is also in Sydney on Sept 7 & 8 and this is the first time that Quantum EFT has been brought to Sydney. This popular workshop is EFT for the Soul, where past lives are investigated for issues that may still be affecting us now. Here is what some recent participants have said about Quantum EFT –

  • ‘This was truly an ‘organic’ as in primal experience. Wonderfully clear and evocative delving into a deep past life which ‘influences’ me now. I have received guidance offering direction into new areas in my practice. I feel it was balanced – use of Tibetan Bowl, Colour Mirrors was great. I loved the way you led us into the group ‘Past Life Experience’, it was a ‘Divine’ experience. As was ‘Mining the Akash’. I was given some very important knowledge. Thank-you”. Jane Brooks. Clinical Hypnotherapist. Vic
  • “Truly enlightening course. So much to think about and so many new avenues to practice EFT. I learnt so much about myself and my personal path in this life – huge guidance for the direction ahead”. Louise King Qld
  • “Thanks for opening us up to limitless possibilities for healing ourselves and others”. Sheri Starr Qld
  • “Loved the weekend. I never thought I’d be able to tap into a Past Life as I had never been able to before”. Vanessa Lougoon. Vic
  • “The workshop opened up whole new worlds – literally! I have a newfound confidence in my own power knowing that I have access to all my past learnings. The workshop was gentle yet powerful. Thank-you for creating such a safe space for all of us to expand, grow and play in”. Delena Gaffney. NSW.
  • “Wonderful weekend. I tapped into a couple of past lives and figured out a lot of issues that I have. I got incredible feedback for the issues and was able to resolve them. I met 2 awesome people from my past lives – Joshua and Leila. They gave me so much…” Julee Johnson. Clinical Hypnotherapist. Vic
  • “Thankyou Jenny for another workshop of thought provoking that we all shared. The safe and positive environment not only brings out our innermost emotions, feelings and experiences but also gives us an opportunity to share and honour everyone else’s feelings, thoughts and emotions.” Nancy Bulner. Vic
  • “Thank-you so much Jenny! The experience of this workshop has been invaluable to me. I can’t even begin to process all the learning and insight I have received here”. Janine Biderman. Vic
  • “Thank-you Jenny for a wonderful weekend. Your generosity of spirit and friendly and related approach to the workshop/experience made the 2 days fun and full of learning. The venue is fantastic and also contributes to the holistic experience. There was a lot covered in the course but it was done naturally in a freestyle type manner which allowed more interaction and created more natural discussion and interaction with a few laughs along the way. I personally received some major spiritual gifts that I will always treasure. Everyone on the course I believe enjoyed it and we all worked and played well together. I can highly recommend the Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash Workshop to anyone who wishes to learn more about mind, body and spirit”. Mike Watson. Vic

All workshops are $350 and are filling fast. To register, email Jenny with your name, occupation, phone number and postal address and Jenny will return your email with detail about how to pay.

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