EFT Universe Workshops – L1 & L2, Melbourne. Oct 29,30,31 & Nov 1.

by | Oct 12, 2011 | E F T, EFT Training/ Workshops

Jenny is having another EFT U L1 & L2 Intensive Workshop over 4 straight days in Oct/Nov at 13 Bareena Dve, Mt Eliza. See here  and for these dates and dates in 2012.
Read what others have said about their past EFT Workshops – Feedback from EFT L1 & 2 Participants Sept & Oct 2011 –
“Hi Jenny, I just wanted to tell you that my friends are noticing a change in me after our weekend tapping. What they are describing is the sort of transformation that I witnessed on that tapping DVD where they show the 6 people from all walks of life with their problems and follow them over the week. You expect them to look good after a week of tapping but what got me was seeing them 6 months later and it’s still holding, they still look as relieved and great. Well my friends are remarking on a similar change in me, even in appearance, that I’m calmer, more confident, and more at ease with myself . . . and it feels WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!” – Karen Corbett
“Brilliant. Life changing to the max. Utterly fantastic”. – Karen Corbett
“Loved it. Such a surprise to have gotten so much for so little. It’s not often that you get clear evidence of the reality of an abundant life manifest so quickly and clearly”. – Quenten Barber
“The workshop was a relaxed atmosphere. Learning was made fun and easily understood”. – Denise Barber
“I learned lots of new skills and techniques. Enjoyed learning even more and heaps of fun. Jenny’s method of using EFT and Training is so quick, easy and efficient with her warm, friendly approach with everyone and their level of learning”. – Josie Ruberto, EFT Practitioner.
“Jenny is an awesome workshop presenter and I would love to be one day as good a presenter as she is. I learned a lot from her style during the last 2 days. The people loved the workshop”. – Edeltraud Grace, EFT Cert 2 and EFT Universe Expert Practitioner.

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