EFT Introduction Night (Topic – Cravings) & Personal Peace Group

by | Jul 4, 2012 | E F T, EFT Training/ Workshops, Testimonials

Thursday 5th July at  7pm-8.30pm is the monthly EFT Introduction Evening at Living Now, 42 Hartnett Drive, Seaford, Vic. $15

This month’s topic is CRAVINGS.

Back again due to popular demand is the Personal Peace Procedure, a 4 week program running on Wednesday nights, 7-8.30pm at Living Now. $100 for the 4 weeks. Here we work on beliefs, memories and emotions from our past that trigger conditioned subconscious responses and dissolve them one by one, allowing us to live life peacefully and with self confidence and empowerment.

Here is what a participant said after the last PPP Group- “I have had the pleasure of participating in group sessions with Jenny called Personal Peace Procedure. As one person shared a past hurt Jenny guided her through a tapping sequence of which we all participated. The rest of the group focused on a memory of their own. Under Jenny’s amazing guidance and perception the major hurt of the memory was lessened. What surprised me was how my own feelings of my issue also softened, although Jenny’s words were not directed to my issue. Even in Borrowing Benefits (as EFT calls it) you are able to find relief. There were four of us in the group so the issues were shared around within the group. It is quite remarkable how even a little tapping on a specific memory can bring relief. My thanks go to Jenny for her amazing perception and guidance through the exercise. I would hope others would avail themselves of this amazing modality. Congratulations to Jenny for a great experience and most of all “a letting go of some of the debris in my being.” – Madeleine

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