EFT for war veterans

by | Jul 1, 2009 | D V A, E F T, Occupational Therapy

Email to Gary Craig founder of EFT.

Hi Gary,
I just wanted you to know about what I am trying to do over here in Australia.
I am a 50 yo Occupational Therapist who has used relaxation therapy and stress management techniques for years. I then became a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Advanced Clinical hypnotherapist, specialising in Spiritual hypnotherapy and Past Life Regressions and Life between Life regressions. It is my EFT that I use the most, however, as I find it has, amazing, rapid results, especially when I have used it to relieve war veterans of their intrusive traumatic memories and emotions associated with those memories. I usually use hypnotherapy along with it after EFT has done the ground work and provided trust between client and therapist.
My vision is to get EFT in mainstream PTSD programs here in Australia. 
As an Occupational Therapist, Veterans with a government provided Gold Card can be treated by an Occupational Therapist and I just charge the government for my service. This is my goal for EFT Specialists, so that it is provided by the government at no charge to the veteran and is taught within the government programs.
Any support, assistance or advice you can give me would be much appreciated.
This is a heart felt gift that the world needs.
Thankyou for providing it to us from your heart to the world,

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