Communication to Dawson Church PHD in America re EFT for war veterans

by | Aug 19, 2009 | D V A, E F T, Occupational Therapy

Hi Jenny,
I was so moved by what you wrote. Thank you!

Your meeting often with vets is the key. The EFT coaches who are doing best are the ones who build relationships and trust, and that takes time.
It is clear the universe has big plans for you and is leading you along the way!
We’ll talk next week.
Dawson Church, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Soul Medicine Institute

(Jenny wrote to dawson Church) –
Hi Dawson,
Thanks for your insight on speaking at the EFT Extravaganza. I will indeed allow the energy to flow through me.
Already, I am less anxious and have been asking the Universe to give me the peace and skills to be able to speak so that
the audience is touched, moved and inspired.
I made a declaration in front of over 100 people at the conclusion of my Landmark Forum in May, that I would make a
difference for veterans who have PTSD and I am becoming the person I need to be in order to do this.
I decided then, that I will do whatever it takes to get EFT recognized for it’s amazing results in this field particularly.
When I began writing to the Minister of Veterans Affairs, I had no web site, no documented testimonies, case studies and
many fear barriers to break through.
But breakthroughs I’ve had and will to continue to have in order to get this project happening.
I just keep focusing on my intention of bringing this into easily accessible Govt Programs, so that all veterans are able to live
free and peaceful lives after their war experiences.
Until that is a reality, I will continue to promote it where I can and to provide EFT to those who need it.
I spoke to Vietnam Veterans again on Thursday last week at Noble Park RSL. There are many familiar faces there to me now.
The vet that I have recently treated will be back next week. Already some of his mates are really impressed with the changes
they have seen in him. 
I’ve also attended an exercise group for veterans in Frankston and next month I will be giving them a short talk about EFT and
PTSD. I keep giving out copies of “EFT for War Veterans” DVD’s to those who can benefit from EFT.
I will also be part of an Expo at Frankston RSL in Oct, as an Occupational Therapist and as an EFT Specialist.
I have my brochures at Frankston, Rosebud and Noble Park RSL Welfare Offices and have been referred a client from one
who has PTSD. She is proceeding with organizing a doctor’s referral. I have also had 2 clients who were not veterans, pick up
my brochures. I saw 2 new clients from these sources last week, who have both sampled EFT for themselves and have taken
away 3 DVD’s to watch on EFT and are now potential advocates for EFT for war veterans who have PTSD.
The Universe works in mysterious ways.
I begin a 6 month Leadership Program next month with Landmark.
I asked the Universe to give me the skills I need to fulfill my intention on the EFT for Veterans with PTSD project and I have
been led and guided into courses to help me gain these skills. I am a work in progress!
I am beginning to enjoy speaking from the heart and with emotion and I’m not so worried when I shed a few tears when I
speak now.
I have come a long way in a few short months from a very shy woman who just did the work with the clients who came my
way. Now I have a web site and a TV Ad in a local Medical Centre and I am being invited to speak at meetings and
all because I declared out loud an intention and that I would do whatever it takes. It seems that the old me has to go and
become the me that was waiting to be discovered.
I have lived my life very small in my comfort zone and now I am learning to push through the comfort zone and take my fears
with me and just do it.
I have learned to allow ‘breakdowns’ to become ‘breakthroughs’. Well at least, that is my aim.
I am in awe of the work that you do and when I look at you and other leaders in their fields, I am inspired to be more than I
am as I continue on my life’s purpose and journey.
I look forward to speaking with you in real time if the Universe deems it.
The world is only as large as we make it. It’s the time difference that we need to master!
Love and light,
Jenny Johnston.

From: Dawson Church [] 
Sent: Friday, 14 August 2009 9:32 AM
To: Jenny Johnston
Subject: Re: Greetings from Jenny Johnston in Australia
Hi Jenny,
I am so glad you are persevering with both the veterans and the minister. That’s the main requirement!
If you speak at Maggie Adkins’ event, let that energy flow THROUGH you rather than puddling IN you!
And visualize the whole audience loving you before you begin!
Dawson Church.

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