Calling for War Veterans with PTSD to volunteer for new energy treatment and research study.

by | Jul 5, 2009 | D V A, E F T, Occupational Therapy

If you are a Veteran and suffer from PTSD and want it to be ‘gone’ and want to help your mates to have freedom from their symptoms too, then contact Jenny and you could make a real difference to those who suffer from PTSD.

I am currently following the protocol of a research study being carried out in America (see ) and am calling for volunteers who suffer from PTSD.

This study revolves around the use of EFT, an energy psychology technique, to reduce or dissolve the typical symptoms of PTSD in war veterans. (see EFT page on my web site and watch “EFT for War Veterans” video).

As an EFT Specialist and Occupational Therapist, I am able to see clients for this treatment under the umbrella of stress management and relaxation therapy as an OT. Hence veterans with a DVA Gold Card can be treated by obtaining a doctor’s referral to Jenny Johnston, Occupational Therapist.

It is my vision to be able to treat as many veterans with PTSD as possible and using the research study forms provided by “The Stress Project”, be able to present concrete evidence of the incredible results this technique produces to The Minister of Veterans Affairs. It is my hope that this technique will then be employed in mainstream PTSD programs run by DVA in the near future. 

The study suggests that a 6 week program of EFT energy psychology sessions be carried out with each PTSD sufferer, with testing occurring both before and after.

I have already treated Cambodian, Korean, French Foreign Legion and Vietnam Veterans who came to me suffering from symptoms such as agoraphobia, nightmares, insomnia, mood swings, anger/rage, guilt, worthlessness, depression, anxiety, aggression, alcohol addictions, poor concentration, relationship issues etc. They all reported amazing, lasting results after their EFT/OT sessions. Some also went on to have hypnotherapy as well. (See testimonials section for some of their comments). 

You could make a real difference by just trying this technique. Bring your skeptism along.

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Jenny Johnston. B App Sc (OT). Dip Clin Hyp.

(03) 9789 1365

Occupational Therapist

EFT Specialist

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