This is a serious problem that many never really get over – A family member suiciding. So great to see her process and release all the trauma around the childhood memory of her mother’s suicide.

If you have had an experience of someone you know suiciding and still have a connection (or dissociation) to the trauma of it, then please take care of yourself and tap at all times through the video to process your own memories and feelings. See an EFT practitioner to guide you through your own experience if you want to specifically dissolve all aspects of your own memories. I see people from all over the world and take them through traumatic experiences safely and gently via skype. Contact me if you wish to have a private session or sessions.

EFT Universe’s Dawson Church speaks with EFT U Trainers about childhood traumas.

Watch this Google Hangout with Dawson and some of the EFT Universe Trainers, like me, Jenny Johnston, speaking on the topic of childhood trauma here recorded on Feb 11th, 2014.

This is an amazing story of forgiveness from Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer was a very angry man.

At the age of 34 Wayne Dyer drove to Biloxi, Mississippi to visit the grave of his father, an alcoholic and abusive man who had abandoned him, his mother and two brothers the day he was born.

Although he had died 10 years earlier, Wayne had only just found out about his death.

He drove to the grave that day with a level of anger so great, so deep from years of hurt built up, that he went there with two tasks in mind:  To find out if it was even acknowledged on his death certificate that Wayne was his son, and to literally “pee” on the grave of the father that he held all this hatred, anger and resentment towards for 34 years.

What came out of that visit however, completely and forever changed his life. It is one of the most beautiful stories you’ll ever hear.  It shares a message of forgiveness and it’s power to transform that I think is truly life-changing and worth your time to listen to.

He tells this story, and much more, in this exclusive interview with Nick Ortner, conducted for the upcoming 6th annual Tapping World Summit, which starts on February 24th:

If you had been in Wayne’s shoes, would you have been able to forgive? 

Who do you have in YOUR life that you need to forgive?  How would it change your life to forgive and release any anger, resentment, hatred or other negative emotions that you carry, towards BOTH others as well as yourself? [Read more…]

EFT Training and Workshops for 2014 in Australia

I’m glad to announce the following EFT Training/Workshops for Melbourne and Newcastle.

EFT Level 1

  • Melbourne, March 1, 2.
  • Newcastle, April 3, 4.
  • Melbourne, July 5, 6.

EFT Level 2

  • Melbourne, March 3, 4.
  • Melbourne, March 8, 9.
  • Newcastle, April 5, 6.
  • Melbourne, July 12, 13.

EFT Level 3

  • Melbourne, March 10, 11.
  • Newcastle, April 7, 8.

Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash

  • Melbourne, March 29, 30 (include March 28 for an EFT Foundation Day if required)
  • Melbourne, April 26, 27 (include April 25 for an EFT Foundation Day if required)
  • Melbourne, May 10, 11 (include May 9 for an EFT Foundation Day of required)
  • Melbourne, May 24, 25 (include May 23 for an EFT Foundation Day of required)
  • Melbourne, July 19, 20 (include July 18 for an EFT Foundation Dayif required)

To find all details and costs on the EFT Training Dates page.

To register, go to the ‘Register for Workshops’ page.



She came to Melbourne all the way from Singapore to learn EFT.

She has trained with Carol Look but was drawn to come to Melbourne to train with me and EFT Universe.

Here’s what she said when she had finished a 4 day intensive EFT Universe Workshop –

“Jenny Johnston was brilliant, an excellent Trainer and Facilitator. It was worth spending thousands of dollars and coming all the way from Singapore. Thank you Jenny, I am truly grateful”.