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What is EFT for the Soul and why you should know about it.

What if patterns and limiting beliefs from other lives that you’ve lived are still blocking you at a sub-conscious level from moving forward in many areas of your life? Removing limiting beliefs and patterns at a Soul Level is crucial to you NOW!
Listen to what Jenny has to tell you about how Past Lives affect you now and how you can dissolve their effects and even ‘Mine’ your past Lives (Akash) for gifts, talents and knowledge hidden there! Then take action now to find your limiting patterns and move forward to know who you truely are and can be.
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Dawson Church tells of his experience of his Quantum EFT session.

Listen to what Dawson experienced in his Quantum EFT session. He was quite surprised at what he accessed and received and how easy and profound it was.

To have an experience of your own contact Jenny or register for a Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash Workshop.

If you would like to create a Workshop in your area/country, contact Jenny and co-create it!

Enjoying the Santa Rosa sunshine at EFT Universe Headquarters.

It’s a year since I was here with Dawson Church at his home in Santa Rosa, California, which also has the office of EFT Universe on site. It’s lovely and warm here, summer in the US and lovely to come from Melbourne’s winter.

If you would like to see some of the photos, they are posted on my facebook – look me up.

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Here I post many interesting and latest information from around the world about EFT.

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  • EFT Universe Workshops – July – Melbourne, Nov – Sydney.
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