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Tapping into Past Lives, by Jenny Johnston. (PDF)

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Jenny Johnston’s new book Tapping Into Past Lives is a fast-paced enjoyable ride down the quantum rabbit hole. There are circumstances and people that are “placed” onto our path that will alter the course of our lives. There are wounds that feel so deep that they feel like they’ve been there forever. I don’t know of a single person I’ve meet that hasn’t felt, at least once, a deep instant connection to someone they’ve just met. Jenny’s book explains why these seemingly random things happen and puts them into context so we can understand just how magical your life can really be. There’s a realization when you read the case studies that we all have the ability to “mine” the lessons and wisdom from every life you’ve ever lived throughout eternity. So often an awareness (through medium, flashback, or even an EFT session) of a past life can be traumatic. Jenny clearly demonstrates that there’s real power, beauty, healing, and Divine Grace from tapping into our past lives.