Every so often there is a book that comes along that sets the standard for our time. This
one is right on time. Not only has Jenny been waiting for all the information to come
together, but also for the timing to come together. Finally, we get this book! It’s more than
“just another process,” for it combines the past with the future, and pulls upon Jenny’s
expertise, combined with some of the most progressive esoteric concepts today… “Can
you go inside and “mine” attributes from your past lives? You lived them, so why not? Did
they go away, or are they still there? How do you do it? Tapping Into Past Lives is a
Congratulations Jenny. This is long overdue

Dr. Lee Carroll. Ph.d
Author of the Kryon Series


Why are there some habits we find it impossible to break? Why do we find ourselves in the
same adverse relationships and work situations over and over? Why are some financial
challenges so difficult to overcome? Jenny Johnston shows in her book that many patterns
are rooted in ancient archetypes and that until we look for the solutions beyond ordinary
states of consciousness, we can remain trapped. In clear and engaging language, and
with inspiring case histories drawn from her sessions with clients, she shows how we can
tap the deepest layers of our awareness for answers and solutions that can bring
extraordinary growth and healing.

Dawson Church
Best-selling author of The Genie in Your Genes


Jenny Johnston has pioneered a new healing technique on the planet that is having
tremendously profound results on her clients. Quantum EFT and Mining the Akash is a
meld of disciplines, such as past life regression and emotional freedom techniques, that
effectively and permanently releases fears and phobias. This creates an opening to then
access the skills, gifts and talents that are waiting to be claimed. Jenny’s book, Tapping
into Past Lives, is filled with numerous case studies from clients who have benefited
enormously from Jenny’s technique. A truly compelling and fascinating read it takes you on
a journey, where you encounter pieces and parts of yourself in the lives of others. There is
something in here for everyone.

Monika Muranyi,
Author of The Gaia Effect and The Human Akash.


Jenny Johnston’s new book Tapping Into Past Lives is a fast-paced enjoyable ride down
the quantum rabbit hole. There are circumstances and people that are “placed” onto our
path that will alter the course of our lives. There are wounds that feel so deep that they feel
like they’ve been there forever. I don’t know of a single person I’ve meet that hasn’t felt, at
least once, a deep instant connection to someone they’ve just met. Jenny’s book explains
why these seemingly random things happen and puts them into context so we can
understand just how magical your life can really be. There’s a realization when you read
the case studies that we all have the ability to “mine” the lessons and wisdom from every
life you’ve ever lived throughout eternity. So often an awareness (through medium,
flashback, or even an EFT session) of a past life can be traumatic. Jenny clearly
demonstrates that there’s real power, beauty, healing, and Divine Grace from tapping into
our past lives.

Alina Frank
EFT Trainer and Mentor