Using Quantum EFT for the Soul for an emotional Past life Memory.

Watch as we take this client into her past life senario and dissolve the reactions and energy where it occurred, then heal her today and all the associated souls around the globe as well. A very powerful session. Stay tuned for the soon to be released ebook on Quantum EFT for the Soul and how to ‘Mine your Akash’.

EFT Radio – Expanding EFT for Soul Level learning.

Jenny is interviewed here on EFT Radio Online with Annabel Fisher, speaking about Quantum EFT for the Soul and how to expand EFT and create your own brand.

Quantum EFT is coming to Melbourne in Feb 2013

Places are filling fast and are limited, so if you’d like to be registered for this cutting edge new technique, you will need to email Jenny to register and place your deposit.

Quantum EFT is a very natural, flowing, profoundly deep process, that organically and easily takes you from EFT into the deeper and higher realms of learning and healing. Holding the intention for higher learning and healing, higher self, guides, angels, archangels and masters are often called upon to assist with this process. Healing occurs through the multidimensional layers of DNA and activated through the heart and meridian system. Colour mirror spritzers are also used to help dissolve issues contained physically in the energy system and also used to anchor the new feelings and beliefs.

If you’ve trained in Matrix Re-imprinting, you will find this process to be similar but more free flowing and accessing higher realms. It’s more advanced and also involves accessing the Akashic Records through the multidimensional layers of your DNA, bringing back and activating gifts and talents already learned in other lives, into this life and physical body. Issus are also easily processed at conception, in the womb, past lives, in spirit including Generational Healing.

This course is half full already, so get in quick, or you’ll miss out! Training Dates