Tapping into Past Lives – Article in ‘The Examiner’.

The Book, ‘Tapping into Past lives’ has been given a wonderful review online on ‘The Examiner’.


You can read it here now and please enjoy sharing the book with your friends. The print book should be available by end of Feb.

Using Quantum EFT for the Soul for an emotional Past life Memory.

Watch as we take this client into her past life senario and dissolve the reactions and energy where it occurred, then heal her today and all the associated souls around the globe as well. A very powerful session. Stay tuned for the soon to be released ebook on Quantum EFT for the Soul and how to ‘Mine your Akash’.

EFT Training and Workshops for 2014 in Australia

I’m glad to announce the following EFT Training/Workshops for Melbourne and Newcastle.

EFT Level 1

  • Melbourne, March 1, 2.
  • Newcastle, April 3, 4.
  • Melbourne, July 5, 6.

EFT Level 2

  • Melbourne, March 3, 4.
  • Melbourne, March 8, 9.
  • Newcastle, April 5, 6.
  • Melbourne, July 12, 13.

EFT Level 3

  • Melbourne, March 10, 11.
  • Newcastle, April 7, 8.

Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash

  • Melbourne, March 29, 30 (include March 28 for an EFT Foundation Day if required)
  • Melbourne, April 26, 27 (include April 25 for an EFT Foundation Day if required)
  • Melbourne, May 10, 11 (include May 9 for an EFT Foundation Day of required)
  • Melbourne, May 24, 25 (include May 23 for an EFT Foundation Day of required)
  • Melbourne, July 19, 20 (include July 18 for an EFT Foundation Dayif required)

To find all details and costs on the EFT Training Dates page.

To register, go to the ‘Register for Workshops’ page.