EFT Universe Workshop Melbourne August 24-27

Early bird price ends June 24th – The final EFT Universe Level 1 and 2 Workshop for 2017 is August 24-27.

Learn all about trauma and how the brain processes it, how to use the gentle techniques, the Movie Technique, sneaking up and sneaking away and so much more.

Level 1 – Frankston, Melbourne. August 24, 25. Earlybird price ends June 24 $350 $395

Level 2 – Frankston, Melbourne. August 26, 27. Early bird price ends June 26. $350 $395

EFT Training Dates

Do you have a fear of public speaking? Maybe if you tap along to this short video, you will dissolve your fear too.

Steve Wells interviews Rod Sherwin about the Australian EFT Masterclass, Melbourne, Oct 6 & 7

Watch what Rod Sherwin will be speaking about at the first Australian EFT and Energy Techniques Masterclass in October in Melbourne. Click on the video for more details and to register.

Jenny Johnston will be speaking alongside Rod and 6 other experts in their field –┬áSteve Wells, Dr David Lake, EFT Master Rehana Webster, Caroline Paulzen, Keith Hulstaert and Russell Cunningham.

Keith Hulstaert speaks about EFT for Grief at the Australian EFT and Innovative Energy Techniques Masterclass in Melbourne Oct 6 & 7.

Hear Rod Sherwin interview Keith Hulstaert as he speaks about his background in Counselling and NLP and how he works with those suffering from grief. He is one of the 8 expert presenters in Melbourne in October. Jenny Johnston, another of the expert presenters, will speak about ‘Creative EFT’ including using Colour Mirror Spritzers.