Tapping out of Trauma starts Sept 22

This is an 8 week online course that I highly recommend to all those who wish to upgrade their skills when working with clients who have trauma. Tapping out of Trauma begins again on Sept 22. For all the details, see HERE.

I’ve done the course and I highly recommend it. Jenny

EFT to release trauma and uncontrollable shaking

Watch as this lady tunes into emotional trauma and her body starts to shake uncontrollably. In just 10 mins she has released it all from her body, which had been storing it to protect her in some way.

EFT for trauma – “I found out I was the product of a one night stand at 13”

We approach this traumatic memory at age 13, using the EFT Gentle Techniques, Quantum EFT and Colour Mirrors to process and dissolve the memories trapped in her cells, leaving her with feelings of peace for the first time in years.

The next Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash Workshop is Nov 30/Dec 1 in Seaford, Melbourne, Australia. Register through the ‘Register for Workshops’ page on this website.

EFT for a traumatic memory using the Movie Technique

The traumatic memory that she called, “The Drowning”.

Using EFT Movie Technique we dissolve all the trauma so that she can feel peace again.

EFT for PTSD – He tried to strangle me.

Watch this full EFT Session with this ex army personnel and watch how gently we can approach and dissolve the emotional charge and physical feelings around such a traumatic memory and see him heal before your eyes.