Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression (PLR)

If you feel that you have issues that ‘have always been there’ then PLR therapy may be the answer you have been looking for. You may be carrying issues with you that originated in a past life. When these issues are identified and healed in the originating lifetime and the connections to other lifetimes are also healed, a client returns to this lifetime free from the ties of that issue and a higher understanding of the lesson of that issue.

If you have a fear of death, regression to Past Lives and spirit releases you from that as you get to experience the ongoing life of your soul through many other human experiences, deaths and new births. You return with a higher understanding and perpsective and often connect with people in this life who were also part of other lives you lived.

Perhaps you have a relationship issue and want to see if there is a past life connection which is holding you back in this life. A PLR may allow you to gain a higher understanding of this relationship, a healing and a change in this lifetime with a new persective of that person and of yourself.

Womb Regression and Regression to Spirit

If you feel that things ‘have happened TO YOU’ and feel a victim, many clients feel a release from this when they experience that they chose these things to happen to them for a purpose. They return to this life with a profound sense of peace and empowerment after experiencing regression to womb, spirit and/or to past lives. A higher understanding, knowledge and sense of purpose is brought forward to this life after a successful Advanced Regression experience.


A Past Life Regression takes approximately 2 hours and it is good to think about the issues you want to be explored before you arrive. A preparation of a hypnotherapy session prior to a PLR is advisable but not essential.

What to expect

After a PLR session, a client can sometimes experience a range of emotions over the period of a few days as they assimilate their PLR experience into their present life.


The cost of a PLR Sesson is $200 and a digital recording of the session is provided. To book an appointment or speak with Jenny about a PLR, click on ‘Contact Jenny.’

Jenny’s training

Jenny is trained in Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques (Past life Regression), by The Academy of Transformational Psychotherapy in conjunction with The Holistic Healing Center in New York.
This course specifically focuses on Womb Regression, Regression into Spirit and Past Life Regression.