Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

EFT is a universal healing technique based on new discoveries regarding the body/mind energy system. It involves tapping the meridian points of the body in a sequence while tuned into an emotional or physical issue to dissolve the disruptions.

For optimal benefit from EFT, you need to know more than just where to tap. For serious issues such as abuse, phobias, trauma and chronic diseases, you need to consult a trained EFT Practitioner as there is an ‘art’ in delivering EFT. For further details on EFT including training manual and DVD’s go to www.eftuniverse.com

Jenny is a Certified EFT Trainer for Level 1, 2 & 3 with EFT Universe. For information on class outlines, click here.

For information on EFT Certification process, click here.

To learn EFT with Jenny Johnston, go to the EFT Training page for Training dates.

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For information on EFT Australian Practitioners (EFTAP) go to www.eftap.com.au

EFT has proved extremely successful for many health issues with rapid and lasting results. EFT is an easy practical and painless way of managing body and mind issues, it can be used on any issue you want freedom from.


Grief over daughter’s recent suicide – “My husband and I lost our youngest daughter 4 weeks before the EFT Workshop with Jenny. We had looked forward to learning EFT, however, after this tragedy, we thought we would have to cancel as we were so distraught. A friend encouraged us to go as we could really benefit from EFT. This proved to be the best advice we’d ever received. EFT helped us to process so much grief, pain and emotion. We came away confident to be able to tap on each other for issues as they arise. We will definitely attend more workshops and purue furhter knowledge of EFT”. Anthea

Nikki -Snake Phobia “…thank-you for curing my phobia of snakes and changing my life completely…” (One session) (click here for Nikki’s testimonial)

Sarah – Needle Phobia “…2 years after the treatment, I can still get injections with little stress…”(One session) (click here for Sarah’s testimonial)

Stan -PTSD/Depression “…it changed my outlook on life in general…..I’m at peace with myself at last…” (click here for Stan’s testimonial)

Jane – Agoraphobia “…after only one session with Jenny, I was able to check my own mail for the first time in years…” (click here for Jane’s testimonial)

John -Traumatic War Memories “…even though I made efforts to recall them, they had disappeared from my mind. My whole lifestyle has changed due to my EFT Sessions…” (click here for John’s testimonial)

Tania – Relationship issues/ Fear of spiders “…I was totally amazed at how quickly and thoroughly EFT healed past negative emotions attached to my past personal relationships…”, “….I am now also free of my deep fear of huntsman spiders…” (click here for Tania’s testimonial)

Click these for video proof

  • anxiety disorders
  • phobias
  • depression
  • relationship issues
  • addictions
  • pain
  • insomnia
  • weight

Some of these clients were skeptical of EFT to begin with, however, the RESULTS changed that. What could be the possibilities for YOU if the issues that negatively impact your life were no longer there? Hard to imagine? TRY EFT and see for yourself. What if it really does work? Bring your skeptism along if you want. Jenny recommends 3-6 sessions for complete and lasting esults on more complex issues.

Jenny is now available on Skype at “jennycjohnston”