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The last EFT level 2 workshop will be in March 2018 where past students can complete their requirements for the existing EFT Certification before the new procedure comes into play in 2018. 

2018 – Live Experiential EFT Workshops

There will be one day Live Experiential EFT Workshops in 2018 designed to introduce people to EFT and to practice tapping for themselves and family members.

2018 – EFT Universe New Training Structure -Professional Skills Training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

The Live EFT 4 Day Professional Skills Training will train you in the full range of Clinical EFT methods described in The EFT Manual (3rd Ed), the primary source for research and training. The training is intensely practical, with 8+ hours of supervised practice, expert demonstration and feedback. The workshop has 16 modules (4 per day), with each module systematically building on the ones before.

The course begins with a detailed survey of the genetics and physiology of stress, and how EFTs foundational “movie technique” systematically reduces the emotional pain associated with traumatic memories. You also learn how to use EFT for common problems like addictive cravings, dissociation, phobias, pain, and emotional flooding, as well as 3 distinct methods for testing the effectiveness of your work.

You go on to learn EFTs 3 “gentle techniques” designed for use in cases of trauma and emotional flooding. You discover strategies for dealing even with issues for which previous therapy has failed, problems that clients believe are impossible to solve, and how to gracefully conclude a session when emotional work remains unfinished. You discover how core beliefs are formed by early childhood experiences and how to systematically shift them with EFT.

Prerequisite: The EFT Seminar Online

The free online EFT Seminar is a prerequisite for taking the 4 Day Professional Skills Training. The online course provides you with all the basic information about EFT before you start the live training.

Completing the online course has great benefit to you. It means that when you step into the classroom for the first time, you already have all the fundamental concepts of at your fingertips. You’re ready to start practicing.

This allows the classroom time to be spent on hands-on practice under the guidance of an expert trainer instead of instruction in basic concepts. Once you’ve completed the online course, you’ll take a knowledge test on the content, after which you can attend the Live EFT 4 Day Professional Skills Training.

The online course takes 10 – 15 hours to complete. There is no charge for EFT Seminar, however you must complete the course and knowledge test before arriving at the Professional Skills Training.

3 Levels of Training Build Your Skills Systematically

Step by step, with each section building on the one before, EFT Universe workshops systematically train you in Clinical EFT as validated in research studies and described in The EFT Manual (3rd Edition). Each workshop contains over 12 hours of hands-on EFT practice and demonstrations under the guidance of expert Trainers.

The Online EFT Seminar

… is a comprehensive online introduction to Clinical EFT. It’s brief yet thorough. It will train you in all the basic concepts and practices, so that when you take a live workshop, you’re off to a running start.

No charge

Takes 10 – 15 hours to complete

Required prior to taking the live 4 Day Professional Skills Training

Required for certification


The Live EFT 4 Day Professional Skills Training

… is a state-of-the-art classroom training in the core practices of Clinical EFT. In just 4 days, you get over 12 practice hours as well as expert instruction from certified trainers.

Prerequisite: The EFT Seminar

Required for taking the live 2 day practice intensive

Required for certification


The EFT Live 2 Day Practice Intensive

… is your opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of EFT under the guidance of an expert trainer. With other professionals you’ll refine all the skills you’ve mastered.

Prerequisite: The Live EFT 4 Day Professional Skills Training

An opportunity to demonstrate your skills

Required for certification

Why I chose to become an EFT Universe Trainer

After Training with EFT Masters and leading EFT Trainers from around the world and attending many different Level 1, 2 and 3 Trainings, I chose to become an EFT Universe Trainer due to EFT Universe’s commitment to having a structured and professional approach to EFT Training. Meeting many experienced EFT Trainers in America, they were also impressed with the way EFT Universe is committed to teaching their students to be the most proficient practitioner’s they can be, having 2 full days for each of the Levels of Training and allowing at least 6 hours of practice in each level. I am continually impressed with the integrity, development and commitment of EFT Universe to it’s students and trainers and to promoting EFT in the world and professional and mainstream bodies.

Some of the many benefits to you of EFT Universe Certification include –

– The EFT Universe Certification program is supported by training materials developed by some of the top authorities in the field and is based on the teachings of founder, Gary Craig.

Certification gives you an affiliation with one of the largest complimentary medicine sites on the internet, having far more internet traffic than every other EFT site combined and showing up #1 on a Google Search. Certified Practitioners are able to be listed on the website. The Certified Practitioner Pages get 100’s of 1,000’s of visitors a year allowing potential clients to easily discover your services.

– The EFT Universe Newsletter reaches 100’s of 1,000’s of subscribers and grows by approx. 10,000 subscribers each month. Certified Practitioners are encouraged to submit articles for this newsletter.

– The EFT Universe Certification program is built to last and for the long term and is run by a group of competent professionals.

– Certified Practitioners are supported by EFT Universe publicity. For instance, O: The Oprah Magazine, recently ran an article on “emotional acupuncture” and concluded: “To find practitioners, visit www.EFTuniverse.com.”

EFT Radio reaches over 40,000 listeners and often mentions and interviews EFT Universe Practitioners.

– EFT Universe is being recognised amongst US Government agencies and is setting up relationships with Universities and Graduate schools, giving EFT Universe Certification a recognised academic base. Many professionals in large healthcare organizations have taken EFT Universe Trainings.

For full details of benefits seeThe Benefits of EFT Universe certification

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