Department of Veteran Affairs

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or ‘Tapping’ is a wonderful treatment for PTSD.

It is Jenny’s vision to see that energy techniques such as EFT become part of mainstream PTSD Programs run by DVA.

By seeing for yourself how quickly, painlessly and effective this technique is to eliminate traumatic memories and their physical/emotional symptoms, you can help other sufferers by ‘paying it forward’ and spreading the word to allow their healing too.

To watch an extraordinary 18 min video on EFT for Trauma in War Veterans, see here.

Watch this full EFT Skype Session for PTSD “Being Strangled” Video below.

To see what John Meehan, an Australian Vietnam Veteran has to say about how he found peace of mind over his PTSD, watch this 8 min video below.

Jenny has treated many Veterans with PTSD from all over Australia and the world using skype with great success, however, DVA will NOT pay for this service.

Veterans who have a Gold Card are eligible to be assessed for a home visit and equipment prescription through Dept of Vet Affairs.

Jenny is no longer accepting referrals as she has sold her Occupational Therapy, DVA business to Louisa King from Community OT.

Louisa can assess you when you obtain a doctor’s referral to her for her service as an Occupational Therapist. She is also an OT Driving Instructor. Go to Louisa’s website here for all of her details.