Matrix EFT Summit begins Oct 23

I want to let you know about on online event that has just begun that I really think you will love. It’s called the Matrix EFT Summit. As someone who is a strong advocate for any method that supports individuals in making breakthrough changes in their lives, this offers just that.

Matrix Reimprinting is a tapping method that works powerfully to help resolve past adverse and traumatic events that can often hold you back from having the health, wealth and happiness that you deserve. The summit organizers are colleagues of mine who have recruited the top international teachers and luminaries in the field of transformational science.

You can register  HERE.

This event is designed for those who know nothing about Matrix Reimprinting as well as for health professionals looking to expand their knowledge and skills.

The event begins on Oct. 9 with 2 weeks of pre-summit presenters including luminaries like Amit Goswami, PhD, Donna Eden, Carol Look, David Hamilton PhD, Mark Wolynn and Johannes Fisslinger. These interviews explore topics such as Energy Medicine in the Matrix, Eliminating Self Sabotage to Success, Mind Body Healing and the Science of Happiness, Inter-Generational and Ancestral Healing, Emotional Root Causes of Illness, a META perspective, and insights from “The Quantum Doctor” on Quantum Healing.

The Summit itself begins Oct 23 with topics ranging from using Matrix Reimprinting:

— To release chronic pain
— To eliminate money blocks
— To resolve babyhood traumas
— To increase compassion fatigue resiliency
— In combination with traditional psychotherapy
— In order to integrate color when working to relieve depression
— To catalyze soulmate attraction

In addition, by registering now you will have an immediate All Access Pass to all the interviews for free and to an immediate array of downloadable Free Gifts.

You can register HERE.

With Healing Possibilities Abounding,

Jenny Johnston

The 2016 Matrix Reimprinting EFT Online Summit

The 2016 Matrix Reimprinting EFT Online Summit: Healing our Past; Transforming our Future

  • Why does your painful past follow you and no matter what you do, you can’t let it go?
  • Are you having ongoing health problems connected to emotional stressors but haven’t found the key to solving the underlying issue?
  • Do fear and anxiety control your life, but knowing that isn’t enough to change it?
  • Does your soul hunger to embrace your life, your partner and the gifts you deserve?

Whether you’re ready to make some big changes in your own life or you are looking to help others do the same, you’re going to want to check out this FREE, online event with an amazing array of paradigm-changing leaders in the field of Mind-Body medicine. Matrix Reimprinting is a unique form of “tapping” that integrates EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with cutting edge psycho-emotional-somatic techniques that is fast spreading internationally as a means to effectively release painful experiences that limit who we are in the world.

I highly recommend you check out The 2016 Matrix Reimprinting EFT Online Summit HERE.

By registering for this online event, you will gain free access to presentations by revolutionary, paradigm changing teachers like Dr. Gabor Mate, Lynne McTaggart, Dawson Church, Karl Dawson and 10 more international experts! During this summit you will be inspired by:

Beginning with the pre-summit on September 5, you will have free 48 hour access to a sneak peek of the public launch of the film documentary, the Science of Tapping, with interviews with David Feinstein, PhD, Fred Gallo, PhD, Joe Dispenza, DC, Larry Burk, MD, Loretta Sparks, LMFT and more!

Karl Dawson on using Matrix Reimprinting to open the 5 Gateways to Healing

Dawson Church, PhD on the Epigenetics of the Matrix from Chromosome to Cosmos

Lynne McTaggart on Crafting Intentionality to Change the Field in the Past, Present and Future

Gabor Mate, MD on Being Inspired to Heal Your Traumatic Past to Create an Amazing Future

Alina Frank on Healing Your Sexual Self in the Matrix

Karin Davidson on Discovering Soul Space: How to Work between the Worlds

Penny Croal on How to Finally Overcome Overwhelm

Sam Thorpe will Teach the 7 Critical Steps to Conscious Health

Sharon King Reveals the Origins of Anxiety and what it Takes to Release it

Caryl Westmore on Being the Master of Your Domain with Matrix Goals Reimprinting

James Gardner will Open Your Heart with Ten Ways to Become the Person you want to Be

Thornton Streeter, PhD will reveal the Treasure Map of the Human Biofield

Ted Wilmont will Inspire You to Live a Life beyond Fear

Caroline Dawson Reveals what it takes to Recover from Abuse in the Matrix

By registering for the Matrix EFT Summit, you will have free access to ALL these presentations AND receive free bonus gifts, including the Matrix Collective Consciousness meditation. The feedback from last year’s summit was mind bogglingly positive and this year there are many additional benefits.

Click HERE to find out more information.

Quantum EFT for Bullying

Bullying can affect people’s lives for years but using Quantum EFT, you can dissolve childhood bullying at its source even as an adult. Watch this video and tap along to reduce your bullying memories. Book for your EFT or Quantum Workshop with Jenny by checking the workshop dates page at the top of EFT/Tapping Workshops Page.

EFT for PTSD – He tried to strangle me.

Watch this full EFT Session with this ex army personnel and watch how gently we can approach and dissolve the emotional charge and physical feelings around such a traumatic memory and see him heal before your eyes.

Caroline Paulzen speaks about the Australian EFT Masterclass in Melbourne Oct 6 & 7

Jenny Johnston will be speaking alongside Caroline and 6 other EFT and Energy Techniques experts at the First Australian EFT and Energy Techniques Masterclass in Melbourne in October. Caroline Paulzen speaks about Matrix Reimprinting and beliefs – see here a sneak preview and click on the details on the video to find out more and register.