EFT Universe Training – Workshops $100 off until Jan 1, 2015.

Yes, all EFT Workshops are $100 off for a short time only – pay in full before Jan 1st, 2015 and pay only $295 instead of $395 for a Level 1 or Level 2 or Level 3 EFT Universe Workshop. See here for 2015 dates. Brisbane – January, Melbourne – February and Sydney – April. Register here and remember to write 2015 discount!

EFT for Spider Phobias

Watch as this woman clears her fear of spiders in an EFT Workshop in Sydney. We tested it after the session and it was gone!

EFT for frozen, stiff, painful shoulder shows recovery in minutes.

I love how EFT to Tapping can really get to and release, emotional and ‘protective’ blocks that the body puts in to protect us in some way.

Watch this brief video, taken in an EFT Universe Workshop n Sydney, to see how this lady is completely surprised when the pain just disappears as she gains full movement back again.

A new You Tube Playlist created – EFT for Fears and Phobias.

For those of you who have a fear or phobia that holds you back in life, I have created a new playlist on my You Tube Channel, “EFTAustralia”.  Subscribe to this Channel and you will receive a monthly email notifying you when new videos have been uploaded. Here is the new Playlist – Fears and Phobias. The next EFT Universe Level 1 Workshops are in Melbourne on Oct 4, 5 and in Sydney on Nov 1, 2. See here for all of the dates and register here.

Here is the first video on the Playlist – Fear of Spiders. Enjoy and don’t forget to tap along for your borrowed benefits.

The last EFT Level 3 Training in Australia for 2014.

The last chance to get your EFT Universe Level 3 Training is in Melbourne on Nov 15 & 16. Book here on the ‘Register for Workshops’ Page.

Listen below for what some of the first Level 3 participants this year said –