EFT for PTSD – He tried to strangle me.

Watch this full EFT Session with this ex army personnel and watch how gently we can approach and dissolve the emotional charge and physical feelings around such a traumatic memory and see him heal before your eyes.

Young Veterans and Families Wellbeing Centre

I met the Liason Advocate at the Young Veterans and Families Wellbeing Centre yesterday in Frankston, Victoria. Wonderful staff, facilities, modern equipment, laptops and volunteers. 2 volunteers I met really could do with some EFT for PTSD symptoms. One witnessed 4 of his mates being killed 12 years ago and still has nightmares – he’s organizing a doctor’s referral to see me shortly. I’ve been invited to a meeting for professionals who wish to be of service to the centre and the Official Opening next week – I see really great things happening here. Excited. 🙂

Dawson Church PhD interviews Jenny Johnston about EFT for PTSD in Australia.

To hear Dawson Church, Director of the Soul Medicine Institute and EFT Universe, interview Jenny Johnston and Vietnam Veteran, John Meehan, go to his Soul Medicine Radio Show. In these archives of his radio show, you can also hear him interview David Feinstein, Nick Ortner and others.

Watch this Aussie Vietnam Veteran speak about his personal experience of PTSD and how EFT gave him peace.

11/11/11 World PTSD and Trauma Awareness Event

For information about this event see here