Hypnotherapy for weight loss

I’ve been enjoying seeing a few more clients recently for hypnotherapy combined with Emotional Freedom Techniques for weight loss.

I love seeing their radiant faces each time they come back with new tales of how their automatic behaviour has changed and so easily.

If you’d like to address any issues that you feel you have no control over, then come and see Jenny and feel empowered! It may be just what you’ve been looking for and far easier than you thought!

Jenny sees clients privately in Frankston or by skype, all over Australia and the world. Go to the contact page and really put your past in the past where it belongs!

Matrix Re-Imprinting in Australia comes to Frankston.

So happy to be assisting Caroline Paulzen, Matrix Re-Imprinting Trainer and sister of Karl Dawson (originator of Matrix Re-Imprinting), this weekend in my home town of Frankston. Great to see her spreading her wings and having some amazing people on the course (2 from Brisbane).
When I was first introduced to Matrix in 2009 by Karl, I was like a duck to water. Being a hypnotherapist, this technique was very similar to what I had already been doing, however, structured and presented for the client and new EFT Practitioner to understand and use more easliy. I felt like I was Cinderella who was handed the glass slipper! It was a perfect fit for me. I have used it very successfully ever since, combining my own flavour and knowledge of Faster EFT, NLP and all of the multitudes of EFT Workshops and Trainings I have attended over the years. I also bring in the spiritual elements, multidimensionality, magnetics and DNA/cellular imprinting, (when appropriate for the clients belief system) and always, always Future Pace the client before returning them to the present . Matrix Re-Imprinting takes EFT to a whole new profound level. My clients love it, as did many I gave private Matrix sessions to recently in America, including Dawson Church PhD from EFT Universe (www.EFTUniverse.com).

Testimonial from war veteran with PTSD

To Jenny Johnston,
Thankyou for treating me with your EFT and hypnotherapy to ease my Post Traumatic Stress and depression.
Not only was the treatment successful, it also changed my outlook on life in general.
I have no more mood changes and I’m at peace with myself at last.
Again thank you so much,
Yours faithfully,
Stan Heard. Frankston.
War Veteran