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A new You Tube Playlist created – EFT for Fears and Phobias.

For those of you who have a fear or phobia that holds you back in life, I have created a new playlist on my You Tube Channel, “EFTAustralia”.  Subscribe to this Channel and you will receive a monthly email notifying you when new videos have been uploaded. Here is the new Playlist – Fears and Phobias. The next EFT Universe Level 1 Workshops are in Melbourne on Oct 4, 5 and in Sydney on Nov 1, 2. See here for all of the dates and register here.

Here is the first video on the Playlist – Fear of Spiders. Enjoy and don’t forget to tap along for your borrowed benefits.

The last EFT Level 3 Training in Australia for 2014.

The last chance to get your EFT Universe Level 3 Training is in Melbourne on Nov 15 & 16. Book here on the ‘Register for Workshops’ Page.

Listen below for what some of the first Level 3 participants this year said –

Video – Quick Technique to STOP Food Cravings Fast!

Video – Quick Technique to STOP Food Cravings Fast!
You won’t believe how fast this works until you try it!If you’re suffering on the roller coaster of guilt that

comes from emotional eating… This video has a 5-minute technique that will really help.

If food cravings aren’t a problem for you, then PLEASE share this with someone who needs this help.

Cravings can feel like the bane of human existence. We cave into them, lose control, suffer with the

emotions around it, swear to quit, and then do it all again the next day.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You have probably heard the miracle stories about how tapping can stop cravings within minutes.

But just how…exactly…do you tap to eliminate food cravings FAST?

In this video, Karen show’s you how it works

Wouldn’t you like to feel food FREEDOM and the weight loss that goes with it. This simple

technique that Karen shows you in the video will enable you to stay in control and manage those feelings

without the need to stuff them down.

Please do not take my word that this works. I want you to try it for yourself. You’re going to test

yourself before and after the video to see if it works for you.

Watch the video and try the 5-minute exercise that you can do anytime.

(Only watch it if you want to see your cravings magically disappear)

AND…if you are having food cravings right now…it’s perfect time to watch this video!

You will be amazed at what happens!

You can watch the video to here.


Fear of Flying, gone in an hour.

I just love that the doctors are referring clients to me more and more for EFT. I had a lovely young woman referred to me last night for Fear of Flying as she was flying overseas today. She had been on a plane in the past during an emergency landing when the pilot wasn’t sure if the front wheel had come down. All on the plane were in brace position and the lady next to her was crying and saying that she can’t die as her kids need her. The anxiety she felt was part of her survival mode protection that her energy and subconscious was replaying to her plus the fact that an airplane disaster movie also played over and over in her mind, setting up a severe anxiety response. She left after an hour with no stress response to either of these memories and felt more relaxed than she had in a long time. She felt completely calm about her overseas flight, even when I had her imagine strong turbulence, those past memories (in all of their details) and put her in the brace position. No reaction. Just peace and relaxation. She left so happy and looking forward to her holiday. Good outcome for a travel agent who has to fly a lot for her job and all in an hour! I love EFT!!!! Jenny

What is Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash? Hear Jenny explain on Sth American Radio.

Would you like your questions answered?

What is the Akash?

How can you ‘Mine’ it?

Want to hear some stories of how others have ‘mined’ their Akash and how it’s profoundly changed their lives?

Listen here as Jenny explains in her interview on the largest Commercial Radio Station in Sth America about Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash.