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Free Info Night – How to Tap into Past Lives & Quantum EFT – May 5th

Tap Into Your Past Lives and Mine your ‘Akash’.

Come to a FREE evening on Monday May 5th at Living Now in Seaford, 7-9pm. Door prize – Free Quantum EFT Session with Jenny! Contact Jenny to reserve your seat (or $20 at the door).

Do you suffer from unexplainable fears or struggle to move forward in life?
Want to experience your Past Lives (Akash) and find out how they are affecting you now?

How does it work?
Using Quantum EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), an advanced form of spiritual energy psychology, these workshops allow you to:
• Dissolve past life, fear based patterns that have been sabotaging your life
• ‘Mine’ or bring forth talents, gifts, knowledge, health and activate them into your body through the meridian system, speaking to the blueprint of your stem cells
• Discover life lessons/purpose
• Uses teachings of Kryon, encouraged by Lee Carroll.

Book into an intimate workshop now!
• July – 19, 20
• Sept – 13, 14
• Oct – 25, 26
At ‘Living Now’, Seaford, Melbourne. Personal sessions also available.
Contact Jenny Johnston – 0405147265

She tapped on her chocolate cravings while watching someone else tap on theirs and borrowed the benefits!

Watch how she tells of how her cravings for chocolate and sweet things disappeared while she tapped watching someone else tap on their chocoate cravings for ‘Pineapple Lumps’.

Do you have chocolate or sweet cravings? Tap along to this short video and feel the results for yourself.

A very funny and short video to show the effectiveness of EFT/Tapping for a woman’s daily craving for ‘Pineapple Lumps”. Tap along with ths short video for your cravings for chocolate or sweet things and gain the Borrowed Benefits too.

Quantum EFT for Bullying

Bullying can affect people’s lives for years but using Quantum EFT, you can dissolve childhood bullying at its source even as an adult. Watch this video and tap along to reduce your bullying memories. Book for your EFT or Quantum Workshop with Jenny by checking the workshop dates page at the top of EFT/Tapping Workshops Page.

Do Easter Eggs control you over Easter?

Watch this video and tap along and see if your Easter Egg cravings reduce too!

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