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EFT for PTSD – He tried to strangle me.

Watch this full EFT Session with this ex army personnel and watch how gently we can approach and dissolve the emotional charge and physical feelings around such a traumatic memory and see him heal before your eyes.

EFT for shoulder restriction and pain.

Watch this video, taken in an EFT Universe Workshop in Montreal, Canada and see how the shoulder retriction and pain relates to memories of her restricted relationship with her son. See the restriction and pain subside with her tapping.

EFT for fear of failure

Have you ever felt that you weren’t good enough and were scared that you wouldn’t succeed, then tap along to this video and focus on your own feelings in your body and notice what memories come up for you.

This was filmed at an EFT Universe Workshop in Montreal, Canada and I love how the student sometimes uses English and sometimes French in her tapping.

Marion Allen, EFT Universe Certification Facilitator

Marion Allen speaks to EFT Universe Students in Australia.

Deb Tribbey, EFT Universe Office Manager and The Stress Project Co-ordinator

Deb Tribbey introduces herself to the EFT Universe Students and Practitioners in Australia.