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EFT Training in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

If you would like to¬†expeience EFT in a live workshop and release pains and emotions, blocks and self sabotaging behaviours as well as learn the science behind why EFT works and how to use EFT well, then get yourself registered.¬†See here for all the EFT Training Dates. Email Jenny through the contact page if you’d like to register.

As a baby she was snatched from her mother’s arms by an escaped prisoner…..

The trapped emotions of utter fear are released from both her and her mother in this EFT session at a Melbourne EFT Universe Workshop.

Watch this emotional demonstration as 15 years of trapped emotions from her separation are released.

She tremors and shakes as these raw, trapped emotions are dissolved and released, so that she can finally feel peace.

The value of attending a live EFT workshop to release/shift childhood trauma.

Watch as she explains how she released childhood trauma and finally there is evidence of where the trauma was trapped and how to release it. She now has peace!

Go to the EFT Training page to see when you can register for an EFT Workshop in your area.

We traced the pain back to when she was Separated and all the emotions were still trapped in her body.

Watch as the pain she was feeling in her body took us back to the time when she was separating from her husband and all that emotional pain was still trapped in her body… until we released it.