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“What if no-one ever loves me again”……..

It’s so common for us to believe that no-one will ever love us again, after a tough breakup. Watch as we take the trauma out of ‘the breakup’ as he sees and feels it in his memory (without even telling us about the details), dissolving the heartbreak and pain, enabling a whole different, positive¬†feeling to emerge…….

Watch this EFT demonstration with Jenny Johnston in her recent EFT Training Workshop in Melbourne.

For all of Jenny’s EFT Workshops in Australia and overseas, including the new Quantum EFT, go to her EFT Training Dates.

26 years of back pain dissolves after the breach birth trauma memory is cleared using EFT

It doesn’t matter how long ago the trauma occurred, if it still has energy being held in the body’s energy system, it will still affect the body and often hold a symptom of pain and discomfort. EFT is able to process the trauma of the memory and in the cells of the body, allowing the body to heal itself naturally. Watch as this woman’s back pain dissolves as we process the trauma where it began, with the breach birth that almost cost her the life of herself and her child.

Testimonial after EFT for a terrifyng memory in East Timor years and years before

This is why I love EFT. Memories that still hold trauma in the body years and¬†years later, can be processed and dissolved out of the body, allowing peace to be felt in the body and mind………..