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I was surprised at the 6 year old subconscious memory that came up!

Now I feel like nothing is holding me back!

EFT enabled me to release the shock and trauma around my sister’s death.

This participant on my September ’12 Sydney EFT Workshop, gives a testimonial about how she was able to release the long held shock, trauma and grief around her sister’s death many years ago. She had been working on her sister with CPR but she didn’t make it. Now she feels freedom around this event and feels comfortable to go and do a CPR course that she needs to do for work in the near future. She also felt a real spiritual closness with her sister at last and felt her come and visit her in a subsequent EFT session on the workshop. It was truely beautiful to witness and not a dry eye in the room. The next EFT Universe Workshop being held by Jenny is in Melbourne in November and she will return to Sydney in September ’13.

I now have freedom and peace after clearing my emotional grief.

EFT Workshop Student talks about how he dissolved his allergy to prawns!

Watch as this traumatising event is processed and dissolved, allowing freedom from the shock, grief and shame.