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EFT by phone demonstration

EFT for physical issues – Shoulder pain dissolves when the emotion and memory are addressed.

EFT is going to Yarrawonga in May

How would you like to:

  •  live in a healthy body?
  •  have loving, supportive relationships?
  •  be financially independent?
  •  identify & rapidly dissolve negative subconscious patterns & beliefs that are currently running your life?
  •  feel empowered to be the person you always knew you could be but never quite knew how to?


  •  An emotional form of acupuncture (without the needles!!!!)
  •  A relaxation and stress reduction technique that is easy to learn & apply to everyday life
  •  Allows your body and mind to behave, feel and think differently.
  • Learn EFT and discover this powerful tool at your fingertips.
  • Prove to yourself that you can have the life you want to live! 

JENNY JOHNSTON – EFT Universe Trainer

is coming to Yarrawonga to teach this amazing tool

over ONE night and 2 weekends at the Yarrawonga Guide Hall,

26 McNally St, Yarrawonga.

FREE EFT Experience – One night only – FRIDAY 11TH MAY -7pm -9pm

EFT Level 1          12 & 13 May 2012      9am – 5.30pm

$350  ($100 deposit to reserve your place)

EFT Level 1          26 & 27 May 2012      9am – 5.30pm

$350  ($100 deposit to reserve your place)

TO BOOK contact Jenny Johnston

  •  email   
  •  telephone     0405147265 or 03 97891365

 To see Jenny Johnston and EFT in action

Go to You Tube  “EFTAustralia

Rage and choking still stuck in her body from a traumatic experience at age 4. Cleared using EFT/Matrix Re-Imprinting

“I used to be uncontrollable when it came to eating all the Easter eggs!”

This participant on the March EFT Level 1 Training had an urge to eat all the Easter Eggs and was unable to control herself, until we had this cravings demonstration in Level 1. She now has lots of Easter Eggs around the house and has no desire to eat them all. Watch as she tastes the chocolate at the end of this session and it tastes like cardboard!