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11/11/11 World PTSD and Trauma Awareness Event

For information about this event see here

Watch this informative video of Larry King’s TV interview with a prominent psychologist about energy psychology including EFT (tapping)

Case Study about feelings of abandonment and worthlessness and how it affected a reader

After my case study about Sally’s feelings of abandonment was published in the EFT Newsletter – Sally’s feelings of.., I received this email from a reader –

“Dear Jenny,

I just wanted to thank you for your article about “Sally’s feelings of abandonment, sadness and worthlessness” that was featured in Dave Mackays EFT newsletter September 1st. Even as I read it I was shaking and crying and knew I had to do a few rounds on similar lines to that which you did with Sally. About 3 years ago I released alot of emotion through EMDR that just came flooding out about my dad leaving my mum when she was just pregnant with me. It was if I was holding all my mum’s emotions. From time to time this has re-emerged and I have tapped on it, but nothing on the scale of what I experienced yesterday. I was diagnosed with ME, myoclonic spasms, fibromyalgia and then subsequently Adrenal Fatigue and since being introduced to EFT in October 2010 I have relentlessly used it and have constantly searched for ways to heal myself (I also discovered other traumas I didn’t know existed and neither did my family, by tapping). I was meant to find your article as a means to help me along this next step of my journey and so many thanks again. I know I have more to do but for the mean time your article has spurred me on yet further! 

A huge heartfelt thanks 

Yours Warmly

Jenny Kent”

and then another email from her the following day –

…”Tried for first time Matrix Reimprinting after emailing you….something I noticed on your credentials, so I found some information about it and gave it a go. 

First time I just spoke to baby Jenny in the womb and I gained some release and relaxation. Next, however, I tried tapping….not easy with a baby I can tell you!……it was very cute she had her tiny fingers wrapped round my fore finger (well sort of considering how small she was!). On the integration part I was curled up in a ball, much like a foetus and then I had this huge physical shift and gasp….onwards and upwards is all I can say! Shall try it on my other traumas now! 

That’s twice you’ve helped me Jenny, your article has triggered things in me in more ways than either you or I could ever anticipate! 

Yours Warmly


And that’s why I share the work with EFT! 🙂



My article about Panic Attacks while driving in the EFT Universe Newsletter

Here is the link to the article – Panic attacks while driving

Update on EFT Universe Training in Melbourne and feedback from participants.

Here are the upcoming dates for EFT Universe Training in Australia for the next few months.Training dates.
What a participant said after completing Level 1 – “When I signed up for Jenny’s Level One EFT course I was quietly hoping that I would have the opportunity to work on some of my own baggage. Thankfully I did get that opportunity working with Jenny and another participant. The shift was huge and has gone on to reverberate in my life days later. The qualitative difference between the shifts that came about through EFT on the course and other forms of energy healing I use is in the body. While I have been using other methodologies very successfully to achieve genuine peace over particular issues, the changes experienced on the training course have not only created peace and healing, but have also cleared heavy physical energies that I didn’t even realise I carried. I feel so much lighter now, yet grounded. The sense of ‘burden’ that I’ve carried all my life is disappearing, thank you Jenny”.
Karen Corbett
Another participant – “What a blast that was. I am flabbergasted at how amazing this is. Started as soon as we walked in the door at home. Thanks Jenny that was a great two days. Really full we are absolutely exhausted”
-Quenten Barber (and Denise Barber)