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Case Study of woman who had Panic Attacks while driving

Panic / Anxiety Attacks while Driving
By Jenny Johnston
Client History – Jane, (not her real name), is a 66 year old, wife of an invalid Vietnam Veteran. This is her second marriage (divorced) and she has an adult son and daughter (from her first marriage), who live with them and who are currently in the process of shifting out. Jane came to see me after suffering a severe Panic Attack while driving her son to/from the airport last week. She had to pull over on a bridge because of the panic attack and then needed to pull over a further 4 times on the way home due to panic. She told me that she had experienced panic attacks 7 years ago while driving and was now taking anti-anxiety tablets. I had met Jane many times before as I am also an Occupational Therapist who visits her husband and assesses and orders him aids and equipment. Jane had my business card and had asked me many questions about my EFT/hypnotherapy work over the years and so didn’t hesitate to call me for help when her panic attacks re-occurred. She was now afraid that panic attacks while driving would limit her life and she wanted them gone.

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Testimonial from woman who had panic attacks

“Jen, I am gob smacked with how you so positively helped me yesterday. Why on earth don’t medico people use this most natural approach instead of drugs? I have been singing and tapping all morning, dealing with rubbish. Go you amazing person for doing this course and helping mental cripples. xxx”