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Vietnam Veteran dissolves many PTSD symptoms after 40 years.

I am currently treating a Vietnam Veteran who came to me testing with scores revealing severe insomnia and emotions such as feeling hopeless about the future, getting into frequent arguments, having regular nightmares, feeling guilty for having lived etc. He had scores of 10/10 for anger, guilt, resentment, poor self esteem, poor confidence, poor decision making, poor organization skills and lack of responsibility. His original PTSD form (US military-PCL-M) score was 68 and after 2 sessions is now at a low 31. His original Insomnia Severity Index (ISI) score was 21 and is now 11. His SA-45 score was 168 and is now 71. He now scores his anger, guilt, resentment, retaliation etc at 0-2/10 and the same for poor organization/decision making and lack of responsibility. He describes the one strong war memory as now being vague and rarely thought about, in fact he has difficulty recalling it, especially the feelings it used to evoke. He had these feelings for 40 years and had received treatment from psychologists, psychiatrists etc for years.

He now feels finally free from the intrusive memories and feelings from the war and they no longer affect his life. He is so happy and relating well to all of his family now and is getting married in a week! He wonders why EFT isn’t provided by the Dept of Veterans Affairs in their PTSD Programs.

If you want freedom from your intrusive memories and the feelings/emotions they bring up, or know of someone who would benefit from EFT, then contact Jenny (see contact page).

Email received from Dawson Church Re PTSD research study

 Hi Jenny,

You can get the study forms from here:
You need at least 3,4,5,6 7 and 14.
The others are supportive, and tell you how to do it. You collect data after the 3rd and 6th session, and again after 3 and 6 months. Email Crystal Hawk the study coordinator if you have any questions. Let her know you’re not part of the study, but are collecting similar data on Australian veterans.
And let me know how it goes!Thanks,

Dawson Church, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Soul Medicine Institute

Calling for War Veterans with PTSD to volunteer for new energy treatment and research study.

If you are a Veteran and suffer from PTSD and want it to be ‘gone’ and want to help your mates to have freedom from their symptoms too, then contact Jenny and you could make a real difference to those who suffer from PTSD.

I am currently following the protocol of a research study being carried out in America (see ) and am calling for volunteers who suffer from PTSD.

This study revolves around the use of EFT, an energy psychology technique, to reduce or dissolve the typical symptoms of PTSD in war veterans. (see EFT page on my web site and watch “EFT for War Veterans” video).

As an EFT Specialist and Occupational Therapist, I am able to see clients for this treatment under the umbrella of stress management and relaxation therapy as an OT. Hence veterans with a DVA Gold Card can be treated by obtaining a doctor’s referral to Jenny Johnston, Occupational Therapist.

It is my vision to be able to treat as many veterans with PTSD as possible and using the research study forms provided by “The Stress Project”, be able to present concrete evidence of the incredible results this technique produces to The Minister of Veterans Affairs. It is my hope that this technique will then be employed in mainstream PTSD programs run by DVA in the near future. 

The study suggests that a 6 week program of EFT energy psychology sessions be carried out with each PTSD sufferer, with testing occurring both before and after.

I have already treated Cambodian, Korean, French Foreign Legion and Vietnam Veterans who came to me suffering from symptoms such as agoraphobia, nightmares, insomnia, mood swings, anger/rage, guilt, worthlessness, depression, anxiety, aggression, alcohol addictions, poor concentration, relationship issues etc. They all reported amazing, lasting results after their EFT/OT sessions. Some also went on to have hypnotherapy as well. (See testimonials section for some of their comments). 

You could make a real difference by just trying this technique. Bring your skeptism along.

Go to ‘contact Jenny’ section.


Jenny Johnston. B App Sc (OT). Dip Clin Hyp.

(03) 9789 1365

Occupational Therapist

EFT Specialist

Cinlical Hypnotherapist


Email received from Dawson Church PHD

Dear Jenny,

Thanks SO MUCH for your vision! I have an invitation to visit
Australia July 2010 to speak at the national ANZ medical psychotherapy
conference. I will let you know if I am able to attend, so we can
organize some events to boost EFT for PTSD sufferers while I’m down

There are several studies on the research page of
which you can use in your efforts. Also many resources on our web site
where we connect veterans with PTSD to EFT providers. That site is

Blessings on your work!

Dawson Church, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Soul Medicine Institute

On Jun 10, 2009,  Gary Craig (EFT founder) wrote:
Hi Jenny,

 Thanks for your note. I am forwarding it to Dawson Church, who has 
been involved with EFT research regarding vets and PTSD, for his 
possible interest and response.

 Best, Gary

EFT for Agoraphobia

I am by nature a cynic and skeptic. Despite my doubts, I started a 6 week EFT treatment.
I have been a chronic agoraphobic for the past 3 years and after only one session with Jenny, I was able to check my own mail for the first time in years.
By the end of 6 sessions, I had the confidence to go shopping unaided and my quality of life has improved 1000 per cent.
I highly recommend EFT for anyone suffering from an anxiety disorder.
Jane Gallagher. Frankston.